Woolworths sells food, clothing and homeware as well as an increasing number of digital products. Woolworths Financial Services (in a joint venture with Absa bank) also offers financial services in the form of storecards, the Woolworths Visa card and loans. Stores are located throughout the country and these vary in the combination of products that they sell. Some offer only food, others a combination of food and homeware and others – our ‘full-line’ stores – contain Woolworths total range.


What Woolworths offers

Our clothing ranges cover women's, men's and children's wear, accessories, footwear and beauty products. All apparel is sold under Woolworths own brand name.

Improving the ranges

New initiatives to revitalise and grow the clothing business have been launched across all our ranges. The aim has been to gain a better idea of the kinds of products that appeal to customers’ tastes and to offer those more consistently. Linking design with technology has helped to deliver greater product innovation and newness whilst still providing a quality product. A more strategic approach to buying has also meant even better value for customers. The business is already beginning to see the positive effects of these strategies.


We continue to support our South African supplier base and to work with them, as well as government and other retailers, to help develop a more competitive and sustainable local clothing and textile industry. Woolworths has a responsibility to deliver the best possible value to its customers and, where it is not possible to achieve this locally, we do buy internationally. Woolworths has also reduced the number of suppliers used on a regular basis – this means larger volumes and improved value for our customers.

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Woolworths continues to focus on offering customers consistently high quality, delicious food, at the best possible value.


Woolworths has extended its ranges and increased the number of branded products available allowing customers to complete their shop at their local Woolworths rather than having to find certain products elsewhere. Linked to this is our very active store roll-out programme, with many new stores being opened in locations specifically chosen for easy access – for instance on major commuting routes. The number of Engen Food Stops is also being increased so that customers need only interrupt their journey once to get both food and petrol.


Woolworths is constantly assessing its food ranges and developing new ones, using delicious, simple, healthy ingredients. Themes include traditional, authentic, handmade or homemade and steam cuisine. We also look for ways of improving existing ranges, making them more nutritious, tastier and with a wider array of choices. A recent example of this was Woolworths improved ice cream range. We are very aware of convenience in cooking and strive to provide our customers with an increasing variety of ready-made meals that are both nutritious and easy to prepare.

Woolworths good food journey and sustainability

At the heart of Woolworths food business is the ‘good food journey’. It provides customers with food that is safe and nutritious and has a particular emphasis on organic food. It also keeps people as well informed as possible about the food they are eating and how it impacts on health. Alongside this, the good food journey also focuses on sustainability. Every part of Woolworths food production process – from supply to distribution to waste – is constantly monitored in order to make sure that there is as little impact on the surrounding environment and society as possible.


Woolworths now offers a full range of home accessories and soft furnishings. This includes kitchen and bathroomware, crockery and vases, sheeting, curtaining and, in a limited number of stores, furniture (see below). Our ranges are designed to co-ordinate and complement one another to provide a stylish and contemporary look that is still affordable. Recently, Woolworths has focused on broadening the range and improving quality of its homeware whilst keeping prices down through more strategic buying policies.

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Woolworths financial services


Woolworths has three cards that offer a variety of benefits. All our cards now incorporate the MySchool programme.

The Woolworths card – This is Woolworths own store card which allows customers to spread payment for their purchases over a series of monthly instalments. This card accounts for about a third of all Woolworths retail sales.

The Woolworths Visa card – An increasing number of customers are adopting the Woolworths Visa card as their preferred form of credit. It allows customers to earn 'W points' which can then be converted into vouchers and spent in stores. It also allows access to the full range of Visa benefits and competitions.

The Woolworths Difference card – This is a ‘cash’ card which forms part of the World of Difference loyalty programme. It is for customers who don’t want a financial services product but who do want to contribute to the MySchool programme and to be eligible for competitions, special events and promotions.

Personal loans

Woolworths financial services offers two kinds of personal loans.

The revolving loan is revolving credit. As long as payments are up to date, the loan can be used over and over again.

The fixed term loan has fixed payment amounts and a finite repayment period. The loan can only be drawn on once although it is possible to apply for a further loan once the first is paid off.

When applying for a Woolworths loan, the customer is carefully assessed and allocated the kind of loan best suited to their circumstances.

Woolworths branded car and home insurance

Woolworths car and home insurance. This provides a range of extra benefits and can be applied for online or via our call centre. A percentage of the monthly insurance premium is donated to the MySchool programme.