'PRESS RELEASE Embargoed 1 March 2006 Woolworths is the first and only South African retailer to take the step to stock only fresh milk and yoghurts that are guaranteed rBST-hormone free. From 1 March 2006, consumers have the peace of mind that whatever fresh milk and yoghurts they choose off Woolworths’ shelves, will be completely free of the controversial growth hormone. Over the past years, Woolworths has been providing rBST-hormone free milk under its exclusive Ayrshire brand with the result that Ayrshire has fast become the Woolworths customer’s fresh milk of choice. Now all Woolworths’ fresh milk suppliers have committed to the same supplier contract as the Ayrshire farmers. This means that they have agreed to forego the use of rBST and to be regulated by a third party auditor who conducts regular unannounced audits of the farms. To insure independence and the ongoing voluntary compliance of the dairy farmers, Woolworths is not even privy to the audit schedule ahead of time. Woolworths’ new rBST free offering also includes flavoured milks, flavoured yoghurts and flavoured drinking yoghurts. Woolworths will continue to offer other rBST free dairy options such as the Ayrshire milk, butter, cheeses, cream, ice-cream and long-life milk. Woolworths certified Organic fresh milk range, yoghurt, cheeses and cream are also rBST-free. The move to only stock rBST-free fresh milk in its stores is Woolworths’ first and significant Good Food Journey milestone of 2006. This responsiveness to consumers’ demands for good food has resulted in other unprecedented, ground-breaking decisions such as the resolution taken to only stock eggs that have been laid by uncaged hens. The Woolworths Good Food Journey is an ongoing quest to offer South African consumers more and more food options that they can trust. ENDS Editor’s Notes Cows naturally produce a hormone called BST that helps them produce milk. rBST is a synthetic version of BST, often given to cows to produce more milk. rBST, although legal in South Africa, is not allowed in some parts of the world, for example the European Union. In 2001, Woolworths launched the exclusive certified rBST-free Ayrshire fresh milk range which has grown over the years to include rBST-free Ayrshire long-life milk, yoghurt, butter, cheeses, cream and ice-cream. Woolworths took the decision to support the Ayrshire suppliers by paying a premium for this milk to ensure that their livelihoods remained viable in the face of competition that gained advantages from the use of the rBST growth hormone. Woolworths customers have responded positively to the Ayrshire dairy ranges, clearly indicating their preference for farm fresh milk products that have been produced as nature intended. Woolworths currently sources milk from 48 Ayrshire farmers countrywide and Woolworths works closely with the Ayrshire Society to help develop the market for this premium quality milk. Independent audits of all Woolworths Ayrshire farmers are conducted on a regular but random basis to ensure compliance with the strict animal welfare standards they have committed to and to ensure that their herd is rBST free. All Woolworths Ayrshire farmers are also signatories to an animal welfare Code of Practice that is approved by the NSPCA and independently audited. This is a comprehensive set of protocols that even governs the fate of male calves born to the dairy cows. Male calves are a by-product of the dairy industry, and it is common for them to be disposed of with little or no care at all. The Woolworths Code of Practice requires its Ayrshire farmers to account for these calves. They need to be reared properly in pens, as female calves are; and they must be sold to reputable sources.