Commitment Statement
In our endeavour to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders, the Group is committed and adheres to the highest level of corporate governance and business integrity. We are supported in our efforts through the implementation of formal structures, policies, and practices.

The Board:

  • acts as the focal point for, and custodian of, all corporate governance matters, and ensures that a sustainable governance framework is in place to facilitate the implementation of an ethical organisational culture throughout the business.
  • is dedicated to continuous and constructive stakeholder engagement with interactions, monitoring, and implementation being the responsibility of the respective management teams within the Group; and
  • remains committed to the fundamental principles of fairness, transparency and accountability which safeguard the Group’s assets and protect value for all stakeholders.

The Group has a unitary Board, with the majority of Independent Non-executive Directors. The Board is diverse in terms of skills, race, gender, nationality, business acumen and tenure. This diversity provides for challenging and robust Board deliberations.

The below Board infographics are reflected as at 28 June 2020.

The Board is of the opinion that the Group currently complies with all governance principles contained in King IVTM and that the Group complies with all requirements of the Companies Act 71 of 2008,  and the JSE Listings Requirements.

Our corporate governance practices are continually being reviewed and improved by benchmarking against internationally accepted best practices. The Board and its Committees continue to add value in driving outcomes that support the Group’s vision to be one of the world’s most responsible retailers.