Ethical and effective governance
Inherent in our vision to be one of the world’s most responsible retailers is the responsibility to ensure that the ethical culture and good governance practices in the Group remain as strong as ever, continue to be evolved to counter challenges, and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. As the custodian of ethical governance with collective responsibility for setting an ethical tone at the top, the Board steers the evolution of culture and governance, ensuring that high ethical standards and governance practices are channelled into all levels of the organisation to enhance our reputation, build trust, and, ultimately, lead to the creation and protection of value for all stakeholders.

The Board has a unitary structure, comprising an independent Chairman, a Lead Independent Director, the Chief Executive Officer, and an appropriate number of executive directors and non-executive directors, with a majority of non-executive directors. The Board is confident that collectively, it has the right balance of skills, experience and diversity of perspective required to fulfil its fiduciary responsibilities, provide the necessary oversight over implementation of the Group’s strategic initiatives, and ensure that good governance practices are maintained.

The infographics below illustrate the Board’s diversity attributes as at 30 June 2023.