We believe that setting ambitious sustainability goals challenges our own business to do more, and inspires others to collaborate on and contribute to this vital endeavour.

Vision 2025+, our new Good Business Journey (GBJ) strategy, is intended to enable the Group to be a leading, purpose-driven, truly connected retailer, by aiming to address the complex and interconnected sustainability challenges and opportunities we face now and into the future. It is also intended to ensure that our GBJ continues to keep us at the forefront of sustainability leadership, pushing us to innovate and collaborate with others.

When setting the goals and targets for this strategy, we aimed to achieve the following:

  • Bold and ambitious targets
  • Short-, medium-, and long-term targets set against baselines
  • Science- or context-based targets where possible
  • Alignment with global collective sustainability initiatives and commitments



For some of these goals, there is currently uncertainty with regards to the pathway to achieve them. We will need to conduct groundwork to identify relevant certifications, programmes, technologies, and emerging innovation; put in place new or improved measurement and reporting processes and systems; set aside additional budget to support the business in implementation; and identify peers, NGOs, and other organisations with whom we can collaborate.

*Goals and targets still in development