Of course there is the obligatory line up of all the things a chocoholic dreams about—hollow milk chocolate bunnies, a hollow milk chocolate hen that comes in its own cardboard hutch, chocolate eggs in various sizes, and perennially popular white sugar-coated hen’s eggs. But keep an eye out for a wide variety of other delicious, chocolatey treats, such as a chocolate and toasted rice nest, filled with a staple favourite of speckled eggs; no-sugar-added dark chocolate eggs; a limited edition ‘Lambert’ lamb, who has been lovingly hand decorated by our chocolatier with mini marshmallows. There’s also a six-pack of hot cross bun-spiced chocolate eggs with raisins.

Speaking of hot cross buns, lovers of this delicious and delicately spiced baked treat should stock up all the flavour offerings, which, besides Woolies traditional hot cross buns, also includes extra spicy, chocolate hot cross buns, apricot and chocolate hot cross buns and fruit-free buns. For the real fanatics there’s even hot cross bun fudge, and hot cross bun rusks on offer, too!

Of course, Easter is also about the fun of the hunt, and spending time with the whole family. Look out for great Easter hunt decor for the garden, including pretty pinwheels that will give the garden a sense of magic, and clues on arrows that direct you to the treats that the Easter bunny left for you to find.  Easter hunt masks will add an element of excitement to the event, as well as Easter-themed bags especially for the collection of treats.

There’s also a selection of toys, such as a wooden stacking bunny, a wooden dinosaur, a plush lamb, and keep an eye out for the adorable Easter bunny and his teddy travel companion who come in a small case together—perfect if you’re going away for the Easter holidays and need something to appease restless little ones on the journey.

It’s always a good idea to start stocking up early to avoid the last minute rush, but if—for whatever reason—you need to pull a rabbit (and a few eggs) out of a hat, don’t forget you can shop for this wide range of Easter goodies online at www.woolworths.co.za.