Woolworths is now offering a brand-new range of more than 20 delicious meals that can be ‘cooked!’ with little more effort than it takes to turn on the stove. The new prepared cook! range adds creativity to the mid-week meals while taking away the time-consuming slog of preparing a delicious meal. The cook! range cleverly blends raw chicken, pork, lamb and beef with fresh vegetables and tasty ready-made sauces so that you can prepare a fresh-flavoured meal for two. There are mouth-watering stir-fries, pan-fries and oven-bakes that have been designed by Woolworths chefs so that you can serve exceptional contemporary meals at home. Think of oven-baked lamb steaks topped with thyme crumbs served with cherry tomatoes, red onions, bacon and pecorino shavings with caesar sauce or stir frying chicken strips with fresh spring onions served with a mild green chilli, coconut and lime sauce. Enjoy the fact that you won’t have to do any of the preparation! Because we’ve done all the washing, slicing and dicing for you, more than half of the range can be cooked in under 6 minutes, with oven bake variants taking less than 30 minutes. Woolworths cook! is the ideal solution for busy 21st Century people who want speed, ease and a quality taste sensation. The wide range of easy cook! options highlights the Woolworths’ difference in product innovation and fine-food flavour – your perception of prepared convenience meals will never be the same again!