'CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIVE INGREDIENTS IN WOOLWORTHS EXCITING NEW COLOUR AND SKIN CARE RANGES 3rd August 2006 The South African beauty scene will take on a whole new complexion this Spring when Woolworths introduces completely new, comprehensive ranges of colour cosmetics and skin care products which feature some of the latest technologies available in the world. The launch of these new ranges represents the next step in Woolworths’ ‘Good Beauty’ journey – a journey aimed at changing the way South African woman think about beauty by offering them products that are as gentle as they are effective, and which are formulated with active ingredients at levels that offer real benefits. It’s a journey that has taken Woolworths’ technologists and product development specialists around the world in search of innovative ingredients and cutting-edge technologies which they have used to create products that are effective, safe and environmentally friendly, and which offer excellent value for money. The focus throughout is on using more naturally derived active ingredients from mineral, botanical or marine sources, and finding alternatives for harsh chemicals, petrochemical extracts and mineral extracts. For instance, Woolworths has found a way to substantially reduce the amount of commonly used foaming agents and complement them with gentler alternatives. There are plenty of technical innovations as well, like clever pump technology that instantly turns liquid to foam. Innovation is also a hallmark when it comes to formulations. In colour, for example, Woolworths has used up-to-the-minute technology to create their ‘Hydro+’ long-lasting lipstick and unbelievably silky-smooth ‘Cream to Powder’ foundations. Woolworths has selected the latest international colour palettes for eyes, lips and nails, and will also be offering trend-setting products like nail varnish correcting pens, complexion correctors, plump and pout lip colour, and retractable pencils that never need sharpening. The new skin care range includes products designed to soothe, cleanse, treat and protect. In addition to the basic ‘essentials’ range with cleansers, conditioners and masks as well as those all-important hydrators which put back the moisture daily living takes out, there are four ranges that offer solutions to specific problems: the ‘skin bright’ range, formulated with Vitamin C to give skin real radiance; the ‘ageless’ range, specifically formulated to help skin stay younger looking; the cutting-edge ‘enviro defence’ range, formulated with grapeseed extract (one of the current, popular skin care discoveries) to help skin fight the effects of 21st century living; and the ‘even complexion’ range (launching early 2007), created to help control and treat dark marks and blemishes, as it soothes, treats and protects. Synergy between products also means that you can mix and match products from the different ranges and incorporate those that are ideal for your skin type and your specific needs, in your beauty regime. Understanding the needs of time-pressed South African women, Woolworths’ technologists have focused on creating products that are not only convenient and easy to use – they’re good at multitasking, too. The nail colour, for instance, contains calcium to help keep nails both strong and glossy, and the ‘skin bright’ range includes built-in sun protection. There are even clever, convenient, double-sided 4-in-1 cleansing pillows that cleanse, buff and polish quickly and easily, no matter where you are. In keeping with Woolworths’ ‘Good Beauty’ principles, every ingredient has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and has been thoroughly researched to ensure it contains no potentially damaging ingredients. Only products with a record of safety, as assessed by qualified international toxicologists and accredited testing laboratories, have been used. In accordance with Woolworths’ strict ethics policies, none of the finished products has been tested on animals and never will be. They’ve also made a stand that none of the ingredients in their products will have been tested on animals as of a fixed cut off date; this will be independently audited. It is not only the products themselves which are environmentally friendly; by eliminating outer packaging wherever possible and ensuring that what remains is recyclable, Woolworths has also reduced the impact its products have on our natural resources and on the environment. Trained consultants will be on hand at 70 stores nationwide to assist customers in selecting the new products that are best for their needs. In line with their promise to offer the local market the best the world has to offer, Woolworths will also be introducing some of the world’s most wanted, well-known colour and skin care brands as well as a number of exclusive brands not available anywhere else in South Africa. Woolworths’ new ranges replace their well-known Classics cosmetics and skin care products. ENDS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why does Woolworths speak of this initiative as a ‘Good Beauty Journey’? We refer to many of our initiatives as ‘journeys’ because we consider them ongoing quests to provide customers with innovative products and services that make a real difference in their lives. Like our Good Food Journey and our Organic Journey, our Good Beauty Journey is all about offering our customers good choices by creating an alternative range of effective beauty products that are made with more natural ingredients, that are not tested on animals, and that are better for the environment. Even our packaging is recyclable. We’ve listened to our customers, looked at global trends and talked to experts. We've looked at all the different South African skin types, taken into consideration everything from our outdoor lifestyle to the stresses of city living, and by combining the best that science and nature have to offer, have created a range of products that offer real benefits. What is Woolworths’ policy regarding animal testing of cosmetics and beauty products? We’ve chosen the best products for you, and as we continue on our good beauty journey we’ll be constantly improving our beauty products. We have made sure that none of our finished products have been tested on animals and never will be. We’ve also made a stand that none of the ingredients in our products will have been tested on animals after a fixed cut-off date and this will be independently audited. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with unique innovation and the highest quality products. What assurances are there regarding the quality and safety of Woolworths’ beauty products? Our products have been formulated to the highest international standards. They are assessed by qualified, independent toxicologists, and we use only accredited testing laboratories where required. Formulations include active ingredients at concentrations which have been proven to be effective. Each and every product is researched to ensure it doesn’t include potentially damaging ingredients. Our dedicated team of experts and technologists test every product thoroughly throughout development and production.