Our attraction to sweet scents and tastes have been around for what seems to be forever. We know all too well the inviting scents of vanilla, sugar, chocolate and lemon that beckon so temptingly from the kitchens of world class restaurants, boutiques and hotels. For those who enjoy sophisticated indulgences, Woolies’ brand new pâtisserie range offers a range of beautifully bespoke creations, established convenience, moreish flavours and professional finishes – all individually crafted by our master pâtissièr.


Pastry making is evolving – new tastes and textures have made their way into modern-day pastries and sweets, building on familiar flavours of old favourites and adding a few more to appease the adventurous palate. But the perfect blend of skill, technique, quality ingredients and passion is what will always remain. This is the first bespoke pâtisserie range available in South Africa within retail stores that don’t have in-store bakeries. Each of the pastries from the new range is an intricately delicious work of art; a light and fluffy base with delicate layers of creamy mousse and chocolate – made from responsibly sourced cocoa –finished with perfect precision.


Host an intimate tea party, and spoil your guests for choice with an elegant selection of boutique pastries, with tastes as pleasing to the palate as the look is to the eye. Woolies will help you prepare a tea table that’s second to none. All that’s left for you to do is make sure your table décor is as charming as the treats you’re serving, of course.


Our Caramelised Pecan Tart offers milk chocolate ganache and a magical mascarpone mousse; and the Raspberry and Cherry Almond Tart, is a delicious fruit and frangipane pastry, topped with whipped cream. Our Choux Choux buns are in a class of their own: filled with caramel créme pâtissière and enrobed in hazelnut milk chocolate, just one might not do.


Chocolate Caramel Éclairs, filled with chocolate mousse, creamy caramel ganache and delicious cookie pieces takes an old favourite and adds a delectably different touch. Rose Berry Petit Gâteaux is as moreish as it sounds. Consider the fluffiest cheesecake pillow with a hidden berry centre, finished with rose velvet spray, resting on a crunchy cookie base. Delicious! Chocolate sponge laced with coffee, then layered with creamy mascarpone and chocolate mousse is what makes our delicious Tiramisu Entremets Slices a delightful treat.


We’ve chosen to mention a few of our personal favourites, but trying the whole range will definitely be a temptation too great to resist. However you choose to enjoy them – spoil yourself, or the people you’d love to impress, with one (or all) of Woolies’ delectable new range of pastries.

Why not take the time to browse through the selection yourself – pop in to a Woolworths store near you, or visit www.woolworths.co.za