The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and those woollen jerseys and scarves are now part of your daily wardrobe again. Yes! The chilly season is back, and so is the allure of comfort eating, but don’t be fooled, winter’s the best season to start eating well.

Making good food choices just got easier with Woolworths’ range of new and improved recipe yoghurts, fresh on the shelves. Containing no added preservatives, and with 16% more fruit in our 2017 double cream, low fat and fat free fruited variants, as well as from 25% to 39% less sugar in certain of our 2017, low fat and fat free fruited yoghurts compared to our 2016 recipes, Woolworths yoghurts are a great choice for a variety of dietary needs. Also in the mix are millions of live Bifidobacterium cultures, which, as a regular part of a stable diet, can contribute to a balanced digestive system.

We asked what you wanted from your Woolworths yoghurt and you said ‘more flavour and more variants,’ so we travelled the world tasting the best yoghurts and came home inspired. Working with technologists, we’ve completely refreshed our range: creating mouth-watering new flavour combinations as well as introducing thick and creamy textures.

There’s an irresistible flavour for everyone, choose from  soya summer fruit, lactose free strawberry, fat free mango, low fat layered stewed fruit  and full cream strawberry & beetroot yoghurt. Or treat yourself to Ayrshire double cream coconut & lime flavoured-, berry trifle flavoured-, lemon curd and pear & rhubarb yoghurt. Woolworths’ new range has a delicious variant for every need.

As well as having an irresistible option for everyone, Woolworths’ yoghurts are also extremely versatile, ideal for use in dressings, sauces and dinners – making winter cooking easier and tastier!

Woolworths’ new and updated range includes the following delicious products:

The double cream fruited yoghurt range, made using Ayrshire milk, offering decadently thick and creamy yoghurts:

  • Ayrshire double cream berry trifle flavoured yoghurt
  • Ayrshire double cream strawberry yoghurt
  • Ayrshire double cream lemon curd yoghurt
  • Ayrshire double cream coconut & lime flavoured yoghurt
  • Ayrshire double cream pear & rhubarb yoghurt
  • Ayrshire double cream butternut & cinnamon yoghurt


All flavours RRP for R11.95/150 g, R39.95/ 4-pack, R35.95/6-pack & R42.95/1 kg

Full Cream range:

  • Full cream beetroot & strawberry yoghurt
  • Full double cream sweet potato, date & pear yoghurt


Enjoy the benetfits of the kJ controlled fat free range, which includes:

  • Fat free bluberry yoghurt
  • Fat free mango yoghurt
  • Fat free peach yoghurt
  • Fat free peach & apricot yoghurt
  • Fat free strawberry yoghurt
  • Fat free raspberry yoghurt
  • Fat free guava & pear yoghurt
  • Fat free peach, passion & chia yoghurt
  • Fat free smooth vanilla flavoured yoghurt
  • Ayrshire fat free plain yoghurt

All flavours RRP for R10.95/150 g, Plain R9.95/150 g, R31.95/6-pack & R37.95/1 kg

Try the full cream fruited range that offers a thick and creamy taste, and includes:

  • Raspberry & banana yoghurt
  • Strawberry yoghurt
  • Guava yoghurt
  • Raspberry  yoghurt
  • Blueberry yoghurt
  • Mango yoghurt
  • Ayrshire Smooth vanilla-flavoured yoghurt
  • Organic vanilla yoghurt
  • Ayrshire full cream butternut & mango yoghurt
  • Ayrshire full cream beetroot & strawberry yoghurt
  • Ayrshire full cream sweet potato, date & pear yoghurt
  • Ayrshire plain yoghurt

All flavours RRP for Plain R9.95/150 g, R31.95/6-pack, R29,95/4 pack, flavoured R37.95 & Plain R29.95/1 kg

The low fat range is packed with flavour and has a wonderful improved texture:

  • Low Fat Guava Yoghurt
  • Low Fat  Layered Stewed Fruit
  • Low Fat Layered Black Cherry
  • Low Fat Strawberry Yoghurt
  • Low Fat Raspberry Yoghurt
  • Low Fat Summer Fruit Yoghurt
  • Low Fat Mango Peach & passion fruit (6 pack)
  • Low Fat Layered Blueberry/ Gooseberry/ Apple & cinnamon (6 pack)
  • Low Fat Guava/Pear/Raspberry Yoghurt (6 pack)
  • Low Fat Peach & Blood Orange flavoured/Summer Fruit/Strawberry (6 pack)

All flavours RRP for R10.95/150 g, R34.95/ 4-pack, R31.95/6-pack & R37.95/1 kg

Get your hands on this new exciting range by popping into your nearest Woolworths store countrywide, or visit to shop online.