Woolworths has just launched the latest addition to its new beauty offering. Formulated with 100 percent natural essential oils, the new botanically inspired bath and body range is designed to uplift, soothe, calm, invigorate, refresh and generally enhance your sense of well-being and emotional balance while keeping your skin soothed and conditioned. The new range contains no synthetic fragrances and no artificial colourants. Its naturally derived plant extracts and essential oils have been blended to create products that address the body and senses holistically. Each of the active ingredients has been selected for its specific mind-body therapeutic benefits. Woolworths has also made sure that active ingredients are included at potencies that will make a meaningful difference – not just to your skin but also to your overall well-being. Says Amanda Graham, Woolworths Beauty Group Head, “More and more, our customers are adopting a holistic approach to life, one that includes a more natural approach both to what they put onto their bodies as well as to what they put into them. Our new botanically inspired range has been carefully formulated using natural ingredients at levels that really work.” She adds, “There are ranges for hands, feet and body that are designed to add sensuality and luxury to your life. Then there’s the “Garden” range, which includes hard-working protective products to see you through a day of clipping, weeding and digging, and an “Aromatherapy” range which provides uplifting atmospheric fragrances for your home and massage oils that offer uplifting, detoxing and calming properties and even help to lighten your mood.” In keeping with Woolworths’ promise to offer clients the best the world has to offer, their technologists and product development specialists have sourced innovative ingredients and cutting-edge technologies from around the globe. Throughout the process they have been guided by a set of principles – Woolworths calls them their ‘good beauty’ principles, which include:
  • using natural ingredients wherever possible
  • creating products that are as safe as they are effective, and as kind to the environment as they are to your skin
  • avoiding harsh chemicals
  • ensuring thorough testing
  • offering exceptional value for money
In addition to making a relaxing difference in your own life, the botanically inspired range will make an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. The new range will be available towards the end of November at Woolworths beauty departments nationwide. ENDS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Woolworths’ policy regarding animal testing of cosmetics and beauty products? We’ve chosen the best products for you, and as we continue on our good beauty journey we’ll be constantly improving our beauty products. We have made sure that none of our finished products have been tested on animals and never will be. We’ve also made a stand that none of the ingredients in our products will have been tested on animals after a fixed cut-off date and this will be independently audited. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with unique innovation and the highest quality products. What assurances are there regarding the quality and safety of Woolworths’ beauty products? Our products have been formulated to the highest international standards. They are assessed by qualified, independent toxicologists, and we use only accredited testing laboratories where required. Formulations include active ingredients at concentrations which have been proven to be effective. Each and every product is researched to ensure it doesn’t include potentially damaging ingredients. Our dedicated team of experts and technologists test every product thoroughly throughout development and production.