Recently; Eversdal Primary School, who are participating in the Woolworths Making The Difference educational programme targeting grade four learners, visited Fair Cape Dairy as part of the experiential component of the programme. During their visit to Fair Cape, Eversdal Primary School learners experienced the complete dairy process from milking through to the bottling stage and the final packaged product, with a special focus on the senses of touch and smell. They learned how milk, milkshakes and yoghurt are produced and discovered that running a dairy includes a variety of processes and expertise. The learners also had an opportunity to experience a tractor ride across the farm, which provided much excitement and laughter. “Supplier visits are a wonderful opportunity to show learners how many of the products they take for granted are actually made. Instead of just learning about the various processes in class, they have an opportunity to experience first hand different industries”, says Penny Luthi, MySchool Brand Manager at Woolworths. “Learners are also introduced to new career opportunities that they have not considered before.” Ends ‘Notes to the Editor Making The Difference’ programme – an innovative educational initiative •Making The Difference’ focuses on sharing Woolworths’ extensive knowledge around good food and nutrition. •The programme is designed for Grade 4 learners and targets their educators and parents. •Each participating school receives a teacher’s resource pack with nine learning modules covering health, nutrition, the importance of physical activity, water education, sustainability and permaculture. •In addition to the resource packs, there is an experiential learning component to complement the ‘Making The Difference’ programme. This component includes outings for the learners to Woolworths stores and suppliers, and incorporates the Woolworths Trust EduPlant 2008 programme. •For parents there is a series of 45 parent talks aimed at offering assistance and advice on their children’s health, nutrition and physical well-being. MySchool Programme – Shop and raise money for Schools •The MySchool programme encourages supporters to raise funds for schools. •Consumers throughout the country who carry MySchool and Woolworths World of Difference cards can earn additional funds for their chosen schools by simply swiping their card at the tills each time they buy at any Woolworths store in South Africa. •Woolworths World of Difference card holders are automatically invited to participate in MySchool. •Cardholders can support any school of their choice and do not have to have children at school in order to participate. •Woolworths through the MySchool programme to date has contributed more than R50 million to participating schools. •In October 2007 MyPlanet / MyVillage was introduced, this an extension of the MySchool programme, enabling customers to raise funds for selected charities & environmental organisations. •As an added bonus Woolworths World of Difference card holders are entered into a monthly lucky draw via each item that they have purchased. The monthly winner receives R10 000-00 credit on their World of Difference card and another R10 000-00 for their nominated school. •All South Africans are encouraged to participate in the MySchool programme by getting a brochure from the nearest Woolworths outlet or contacting MySchool on 0860-100 445.