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We need to create a safe and healthy working environment to enable employees to thrive. As a Food retailer, we should inspire our customers to make healthy choices by providing a wide range of healthy food options.


As a Group, we continue to strongly advocate for protecting employee and customer health and wellness.

Our employees are central to our health and wellness strategy. We aim to create a safe and healthy environment with the necessary support structures to enable employees to thrive at work and home.

As an employer, we know there are various aspects to our employees’ lives. Therefore, it is fundamental to provide them with relevant and accessible wellness and occupational health and safety programmes to meet their needs.

We also realise that our customers’ family health and security are top priorities. Therefore, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all our customers’ health and wellness food needs.

The Woolworths Health Manifesto outlines ways in which we aim to encourage customers to make healthy choices and lead a more balanced, healthier lifestyle by providing a variety of healthy and nutritious food options. These include plant-based meals, with appropriate product labelling to assist them in making informed choices.

We aim to:

  • Inspire healthy lifestyles by making healthy eating satisfying, delicious, and convenient across our product ranges
  • Provide our customers with a variety of product options to meet their dietary needs
  • Innovate to improve the nutritional quality of our food
  • Promote healthy and informed choices through clear nutrition labelling


Employee wellness includes a well-established operational occupational health and wellness model across the Group. This model is based on addressing our employees’ mental and physiological health. Across our regions, we continue to monitor the usage of wellness services and the success of our programmes and evolve and refine our offerings based on this feedback. We focus on employees identified through wellness assessments who are at high risk. We also continue to ensure that we partner with a network of service providers to assist our employees.

Post-Covid-19, the global move to hybrid working for some employee categories (office-based) continues to affect overall health and wellbeing. Concerns around mental health issues have continued to increase and have been compounded by the negative impact the pandemic had on the economy. In navigating these challenges, we have continued our focus on the protection of the financial, mental, and physical wellbeing of our people.

Customer wellness is premised on ensuring the Woolworths Health Manifesto is implemented throughout all product development stages, and that we provide appropriate training to the food and marketing teams.


More information on the focus area and our performance thereon can be found in our annual Good Business Journey Report


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