health and wellness

Woolworths Holdings Limited is committed to supporting improved wellbeing for our employees, their families, our communities and customers.

Our employees

As a leading southern hemisphere employer, workplace health and safety as well as ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees, both at work and at home, is immeasurably important. ​ We are continually investing in programmes that eliminate barriers to wellbeing that may exist in the workplace.

Our customers

The Good Food Journey is our plan to inspire a healthy lifestyle by making healthy eating satisfying, delicious, and convenient across our product ranges while also innovating and improving nutritional quality through reformulation. In doing this, we assist customers in making informed dietary choices through transparent product ingredient and nutritional labelling.

The principles of the Good Food Journey also sit at the heart of David Jones’ Food business. David Jones has released its Health and Wellbeing strategy, informed by industry engagement and consultation. As part of this strategy, David Jones aims to make it easier for customers to choose healthy food options through clear, on-pack labelling and nutritional information.

Read more about the Woolworths Health Manifesto.


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