Rising levels of child obesity and physically inactive lifestyles; as well as the challenges of engaging children in bringing about a more sustainable world, are currently high on the Western Cape education agenda. From Bridgetown to Grassy Park, there is a great need across communities for innovative educational resources and experiences that can help teachers and schools to empower learners to take charge of their own well-being and to care for their environments. The Woolworths Primary Education Programme has broken ground with three entertaining, educational lessons delivered in class by professional presenters. The lessons use movement, rhyme, storytelling, games and group participation to creatively convey key information about healthy choices and sustainable living to Grade Four learners at participating schools. Recently, learners from Wavecrest Primary in Rocklands experienced the action-packed ‘Healthy Living is Fun!’ lesson. This lesson got kids moving and taught them the basics of a balanced meal. The importance of physical activity and making healthy eating choices was emphasised through the use of movement and rhyme. The interactive and memorable ‘Five to Feel Alive’ activity provided five essential guidelines for healthier living. “The idea of highly interactive, entertaining class lessons is to provide a new and innovative platform for teaching and learning about healthy, sustainable living,” comments Pieter Twine, Woolworths Educational Programmes Manager. “Now Woolworths can share its expertise on healthy eating and sustainability right where it counts: in the classroom. This is an important extension of the programme; another way that we can support the upliftment of education in the Western Cape by providing schools with high quality educational resources and learning experiences that effectively address the concerns about educating children about healthy, sustainable lifestyles.” Other lessons available to schools in the programme are: ‘The Big Stomp – Our Ecological Footprint’ lesson in which kids love joining in ‘The Big Stomp Rap’ and playing the ‘Earth Safety Game’. Music is a great way for learners to learn and recall the five essential, practical ways that they can reduce their ecological footprint in their community and contribute to a more sustainable environment ‘The Great Food Mystery’ lesson, conceived to address the problem of the present-day lack of understanding of where our food comes from, introduces a story-telling Truth Detective who needs the learners’ help. It uses a fruit and vegetable rap which tells the story of the conditions each need in order to grow. Learners are reminded of our dependence on Nature for healthy food. The fun-filled, 30-minute lessons support Grade Four educators in bringing the curricula to life and innovatively engage learners in a deeper, interactive learning experience. The Woolworths Primary Education class lessons have been developed to meet the requirements of specific Learning Outcomes in the Life Orientation, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences Learning Areas. They complement the existing Woolworths Primary Education educator resources on healthy eating, physical activity, Permaculture and sustainability. Schools participating in the Woolworths Education Programme in the Western Cape can book the class lessons through their local Woolworths Education Programme coordinators. For more information log onto www.makingthedifference.co.za/primary