December 2015

Easter may be coming a little earlier in 2016, but don’t let that drive you ‘hopping’ mad. Woolworths has a diverse range of chocolate and candy-coated treats that will not only ensure the Easter Bunny is well-prepared, but everyone’s favourite chocolate-filled holiday has never tasted so good!

If you’re finding those go-to giant eggs are just a little too large to hide under the TV cabinet, Woolworths will cater for your every chocolate need, offering a range of mini candy coated milk chocolate eggs… all the better to fit into more conspicuous hiding places.

For early risers who can’t wait for the dawn of the day, a glow in the dark Easter egg kit will allow kiddies’ inner detectives to shine through, but—even better—will let mum and dad stay peacefully asleep until a reasonable hour.

If the Easter Bunny is feeling particularly fancy and fabulous this year, Woolworths sparkling glitter eggs are an ideal egg choice. Or if everyone’s giant, floppy-eared friend has been spectacularly generous and your children are scrambling to hold their bundles, check out Woolworths’ new range of super cute Easter egg hunt bags!

And don’t be concerned that the Easter bunny might only favour the littlies this year… You’ll find yourself easily tempted by our range of rocky road milk chocolate eggs. Or for something even more indulgent to satisfy that year- long choccy craving, let your taste buds be tantalized by Woolworths’ Belgian milk chocolate bunnies.

For a sweet tooth that isn't feeling so sweet, consider a jar of pearlised hazelnuts, or rose-flavoured Turkish delight, enrobed in milk chocolate—the perfect combination with that early pre-hunt coffee.

There are (occasionally) those unusually disciplined children who want to make their Easter chocolate last longer than the weekend, in which case Woolworth’s bunny lunch boxes are perfect for storing chocolate triumphs.

With so many great suggestions from Woolworths, it’s easy to avoid a sticky situation, but if you do find that Easter has taken you by surprise after all, ‘jump’ online at www.woolworths.co.za and put all your eggs right into the one basket—the Easter Bunny will be sure to thank you!


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