We’ve all heard it more than once; 2020 was quite a year! But here we are already in 2021 with a whole new trip around the sun to experience and explore. While we still long for time spent with family and friends, we all continue to do our part by staying home and staying safe. And with us spending so much more time at home, Woolies recognises the ever-increasing need for creating a safe, relaxing and delightful living space to spend our days. 


This year’s autumn/winter homeware range combines seasonal colours and themes; earthy hues, neutral palettes, bold pops of colour and both subtle and dramatic prints, and incorporates global styling and lifestyle trends. The range aims to provide the inspiration and furnishings you need to modify and accoutre every area of your home, so it comfortably caters for your changing lifestyle.


While black, white and grey form the base colours of this year’s Woolworths Main Range, it also offers a beautiful blend of natural tones with sunset hues, bold floral designs and textured stripes. Cooling teals and aqua make an appearance this year, accented with dashes of ruby and indigo and pops of olive green. Along with the myriad of alluring colours, it incorporates fun slogans in subtle graphics, and gentle lines, bringing depth and warmth into your home, while maintaining a chic, contemporary look and feel.


Studio.w brings a more neutral palette, with pops of flaming red and zesty yellow, underpinned by geometric shapes and diagonal lines. Wooden finishes bring a raw and natural touch, complemented by the timeless elegance of glass accessories and the subdued sophistication of matte black metal.


Shades of green with a soft maize accent, deep blue hues, teal highlights and marble textures are what give this year’s W Collection range a classically modern aesthetic. With monotone leaves, soft touches of aqua and gold, and luxe and wintery fabrics, it’s the perfect pick for the home as we approach the cooler months.


Warmth often begins in the kitchen. Being able to cook delicious food and share it with the people you love is part of what makes being home so much more special – after all, comfort food is a winter essential. Make sure you’re all set for creating precious family moments over wholesome homecooked meals. 


Now’s the time to make your family feel like the real guests of their home, with a stunning range of items from Studio.w, Woolworths main range and W Collection. We see a combination of natural hues, neutral tones of black, white and grey, rustic finishes and playful pops of colour in plain and printed mugs – including the Tori Painted Floral Mugs – bowls and soup mugs, perfect for some intimate winter entertaining.


Keep it simple and elegant with a Wren Ceramic Dinner plate, Side Plate and Bowl in a beautifully crisp white. Soho Dinner Plates, the Edge Round Platter and Café bowl, all in black, will add a dramatic finishing touch to a contemporary table setting. The Sienna Combo Tray is a nifty tool to have as part of your serveware, with three smaller trays detachable from the base tray, creating a partitioned larger tray, or three smaller ones, all with one item. And on the subject of trays, the Woven tray from W Collection, handwoven and locally made, serves the dual purpose of a serving tray, as well as the base of a gorgeous centrepiece on a dining table or in a living area. 


Treat yourself and your family to some well-deserved leisure time treats, with our chip and dip bowls with accompanying trays, and the three-piece wooden handle cheese set – for creating those delicious cheeseboards. Sustainable living remains at the heart of all Woolies’ business, and the range of eco-friendly kitchenware and use of sustainable materials in our homeware products allow you to stay on trend while still being environmentally savvy.


The bar is sorted with a wide selection of drinking glasses – gin glasses, champagne flutes and our Studio.w Una High Ball or tumblers will add an elegant finish to your table setting. Perhaps you’d like to introduce an oh-so-subtle hint of colour with the Verona range, in a lovely shade of dusty pink. Or maybe you’d like to invest in the 6 pack Bar Set, so you can master your bar skills for when guests come over. And to make sure your drinks are nicely chilled, the Seattle Drinks Cooler or Ice Bucket in a rustic shade of copper, will serve the purpose perfectly.


An emerging trend among newfound home dwellers is the interest in DIY décor. Subtle, or drastic, changes to non-permanent design elements is a cost effective and simple way to personalise the home. Woolies’ wide range of scatters and throws can brighten up any living space, especially with the bold colours and prints of the Woolies main range. 


Or tone things down to create a cosy winter setting, with the clean lines and subdued prints of Studio.w. Whether you’re bringing in a bit of boho chic, or prefer to adopt a minimalistic look, Woolies has a selection to suit every taste and living space.


Customise your living areas by giving them a more definitive role in the home. The Studio.w Acacia Wood Side Table, coupled with the Book Storage Set on a hanging shelf, would be perfect for a reading nook in the living room. 


Pair our range of vases and planters with a dash of greenery. Our range of artificial plants could easily pass as the real McCoy, and it means you can add a touch of natural colour and texture to a room, without all the time and effort that comes with caring for plants. Placed against primarily neutral interiors, they’ll bring any area to life. Choose from the Ficus in Cement Pot, the Sansevieria Plant, the Aloe in Rope Pot or perhaps the Mixed Succulents. The Mlaza Basket, locally handcrafted from a sustainable fibre, will serve as the ideal oversized planter, or even as a storage basket for those extra throws for movie night. 


Accentuate the space and add the perfect finish with decorative accessories, like the Metal Planter on the Wooden Stand, Cement Buddha with Candle Holder, or the Bamboo Lantern with Glass Holder. 


Since the home is now also your workspace, make it official with our range of office accessories. Every desk needs structure, so why not invest in the Desk Storage Organizer from Woolies’ main range, available in black or gold. Our range of desk lamps will make sure your work area is well-lit and looking super chic. Or if it’s one of those days where you’d prefer to be extra comfy during that Zoom call, there’s always the nifty desk tray so you won’t even have to leave your bed.


Taking time for yourself is especially important during these times, and Woolies has always been big on wellness and self-care, making sure you have everything you need to be the best version of yourself. 

Make sure you create an area to relax and unwind after a long day. Transform the space into your sanctuary, with lush greenery, and your choice from our selection of candles and diffusers. 


Staying well and healthy has never been more important. As we move swiftly into the new year, Woolies is intensifying our focus on paving the way to your physical and mental health. Yoga has proven to be an excellent way to revitalise the mind, body and soul. Our range of athleisure includes rubber yoga mats, cork yoga blocks, cork rollers and water bottles, so you have all the tools you need to maintain a heathy lifestyle.


Extend the theme into the bathroom, creating a sanctuary for holistic wellbeing and down time. Our splendid range of towels, made from BCI cotton, are super soft and absorbent, wrapping you up in warmth and luxury after a calming shower or bath. Along with aromatic and soothing fragrances and dashes of greenery, make it pretty with one of our soap dispenser and tumbler sets. And, because laundry will unfortunately always be a thing, the Collapsible Rectangular Bamboo Bin takes up minimal space and still serves the purpose of gathering all those extra pyjamas from the day’s wear. 


Sleep is the ultimate form of rejuvenation. Your bedroom is your safe space, where you can comfortably retire for the night. Maintaining the promotion of self-care, Woolies’ range of bedding is made from a variety of luxury fabrics, and while all Woolies’ fabrics are of impeccable quality, two in particular: Tencel and Egyptian Cotton, deserve noteworthy consideration.


Woolies’ Egyptian cotton is made from fine long staple yarns and has a 400 Thread Count, making it luxuriously soft. Tencel is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus, is more absorbent than cotton, softer and cooler than linen and suitable for both warm and cool nights. 


And for those chilly evenings, choose from a wide selection of fleece throws, perfect for snuggle time, or invest in a 100% microfibre polyester, hypo-allergenic and pre-washed duvet cover set. You’ll also be pleased to know that we are on a journey to remove all single use plastic packaging from our ranges, so all our bedlinen has zero plastic in the wrapping.


Woolies has everything you need to transform your home into a winter haven. We’ve also gone a step further to ensure the safety of our consumers, boxing our products for online shopping convenience. 


Pop into your nearest Woolies store or shop online at www.woolworths.co.za