Always on the lookout for innovative new products that make their customers’ lives easier, top South African retailer Woolworths has teamed up with Baby Sense™, a South African company whose pioneering infant care products have been taking the country by storm, to launch an exciting new range aimed at making the first few months of baby’s life easier and more rewarding for parents and their infants. Founded by occupational therapist Meg Faure in 2004 following the enormous success of her and specialist midwife Ann Richardson’s 2002 book on baby care, Baby Sense™ has quickly become one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers of innovative products designed to improve quality of life for both mums and babies. The products are based on the principles of calming and soothing which have made their book, Baby Sense™, an international best seller. Baby Sense™ products are designed to give parents a helping hand with the two most troublesome areas of baby’s life: sleeping and feeding. Every product has been carefully researched and tested to ensure optimal performance and safety – not only by Baby Sense™ and Woolworths, but also by mums and babies. Says James Levengood, Buying Manager of Woolworths: “We are incredibly excited to be able to offer our customers this amazing range of products, some of which are brand-new. Many of the designs and fabrications are exclusive to Woolworths.” Among the products available at Woolworths are:
  • the Baby Sling, designed to allow parents to “wear” their babies in any one of a number of optimum positions. According to Baby Sense™, research has shown overwhelmingly that babies who are carried on their mothers are significantly calmer than babies who are not. By mimicking the calming environment of the womb, the Baby Sling provides a soft, snug environment that keeps the baby content while freeing up mom’s hands to ‘get things done’.
  • the Cuddle Wrap™, which swaddles the baby in a soft, comfortable pure cotton fabric
  • the Slumber Sac, a “sleeping bag” designed to allow babies to sleep comfortably and securely
  • the Taglet, considered “the ultimate doodoo blanket,” made from ultra-soft fabric with tags that the baby can use to self sooth whilst falling asleep
  • a white noise CD called “Womb to World™”, designed to relax baby so he or she falls asleep more easily – and stays asleep longer
Woolworths will also be the first retailer to offer the new Baby Sense™ folding camp cot, which is perfect for travelling. Also to be introduced at Woolworths is the first Baby Sense™ ‘Nourish” range of breastfeeding accessories, which includes:
  • the Nurture Nest, a feeding cushion designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable for both mum and infant. Its compact design is not only easier to use, it’s also small enough to fit into a nappy bag to take along on outings.
  • a simple, easy-to-use feeding shawl to provide privacy when breastfeeding
  • a feeding bracelet that helps mums remember which side baby last fed on and at what time.
In addition, Woolworths will also be selling copies of Meg Faure and Ann Richardson’s two books, Baby Sense and Toddler Sense, as well as their new book, Sleep Sense that has just arrived. Eventually, Woolworths will carry some 50 different Baby Sense™ products. The Baby Sense™ range will be available at selected Woolworths stores nationwide. ENDS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why has Woolworths selected the Baby Sense™ range? Woolworths continually searches for innovative products that can add value to our customers’ lives. We were very excited to discover the South African designed Baby Sense™ range. What about safety? When it comes to babies and children, safety is a prime concern. Every product is thoroughly evaluated and tested to ensure it meets Woolworths exceptionally high standards in terms of materials, construction, durability and ease of use. What makes Baby Sense™ products different from other products on the market? Baby Sense™ products have been developed specifically to deal with the two most vexing problems facing parents: getting their infant to sleep and to feed well. Baby Sense™ products have been specially designed to help calm and soothe babies. As their web site says, “At BabySense™, we know a baby develops best when calm and rested and calming a baby is not always easy and sleep problems do occur.” Why should parents consider carrying their baby in a sling? According to Baby Sense™, there is overwhelming evidence that babies who are carried on their mothers are significantly calmer than babies who are not. Curled up snugly, close to the parent, the baby is calmed in a familiar – womb-like – environment. Slings are best for the newborn days as they support the newborn’s head and neck and create a cocoon of womb space. Slings can be used from premature babies to the toddler years in various different positions. They also allow for easy breastfeeding in public. What makes the Taglet so great? The soft fabric and smooth satin tags provide a soothing touch experience for baby. When falling asleep the baby can rub the Taglet between the fingers or on the face. These are self-soothing strategies that baby can use independently at night – which means a good night’s sleep for everyone. The Taglet not only helps soothe and calm baby, it also offers gentle sensory stimulation to aid the child’s development. Why should parents consider swaddling their babies? Research has shown that swaddling infants can help them sleep more soundly. According to a report by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in the U.S., infants sleep with fewer awakenings when swaddled. According to Baby Sense™, the evidence is overwhelming that babies who are swaddled sleep longer and better. Swaddling inhibits the immature startle reflex, which disrupts sleep. In addition, deep pressure is calming, which is why swaddled babies cry significantly less. Swaddling is thus an excellent solution for a colicky baby. A report in the Journal of Human Lactation also shows that difficult feeders, especially those who fight at the breast, tend to feed better with more coordinated sucks and swallows when they are swaddled. __________________________________________________________________ Issued on behalf of: Woolworths Issued by: liquidlingo Communications Contact: Jackie Busch / Ayesha Abrahams +27 21 424 1530