To mark the first anniversary of the passing of Nelson Mandela, Johnny Clegg’s 1987 struggle song, "Asimbonanga", takes on a new meaning. The Zulu word "Asimbonanga" means "We have not seen him", and the song was written to reflect on the fact that Madiba was not visible to South Africans due to the prohibition of the publication of images or depictions of him during his imprisonment.

Today, the phrase implies that the great work he started in binding together a new nation has not yet been completed. It is a call to the new South African generation to find inspiration in his life and work to continue his legacy.

Here, Johnny Clegg teaches the song to the future generation and to call upon them to make Madiba's dream for a thriving, united and democratic South Africa visible.

This video features the winners of the 2014 MySchool Choir competition from Riebeek College Girls' High in Uitenhage, South Africa.

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