Let’s face it. These days, having to light candles is inevitable ¡V but at least you can do it in style with this candle made by Kapula Candles, a small local company founded in the Bredasdorp kitchen of local artist Ilse Appelgryn in 1994. Today this family business employs approximately 200 crafters from the local community who have been recruited and trained for three months in order to perfect their skills. Kapula produces some 250 000 candles per month, many of which are exported to the far corners of the world and some of which are available at Woolworths. Of course Woolworths is the one place you won’t need your candle, because most of our stores are equipped with generators to ensure that the lights stay on and the fridges keep running even when the electricity goes out. As part of our Good business journey to help people and planet, we offer you the following tips on saving electricity: -shower instead of bathing – you use less hot water. -turn down your geyser thermostat 55-60C. -only boil the amount of water you actually need, so if you‘re making one cup of tea, only boil one cup of water in your kettle. -turn off appliances you’re not using don’t just leave them on stand-by. -hang clothes out to dry on sunny days instead of using the tumble dryer. -set your washing machine temperature to 30C for everyday laundry. -switch to energy-saver light bulbs they use up to 80% less electricity than incandescent globes. Ends Notes for the editor What is Woolworths Good business journey? Woolworths Good business journey, announced by CEO Simon Susman on 19 April 2007, is an acceleration of Woolworths ongoing commitment to managing the businesses impact as it continues to grow and meet the increasing needs of South African consumers. The Good business journey includes a 5-year plan to 2012 for development in four key areas: Accelerating transformation Driving social development Protecting the environment Addressing climate change More detailed information about Woolworths Good business journey can be obtained from www.woolworthsholdings.co.za.