To make it easier for you to care for your much-loved plants, and promote responsible water use, of course, Woolworths has launched a special planter pot, cleverly fitted with a reservoir and Waterwick. Created to absorb water from the reservoir when your plant’s soil gets dry, the Waterwick ensures your plant won’t ever go thirsty.

As the Waterwick’s reservoir need only be filled weekly, reducing the risk of both under and over watering, even the busiest of people can now avoid wilting leaves and drooping flowers.

So how does it work? It’s simple: the Waterwick is inside the plant’s soil connected to a cord. The cord is then attached to the reservoir, so it can soak up the water and dampen the soil. Voila! Your plant is protected from drying out.

The intelligent Waterwick self-watering plant system can be found exclusively at Woolworths, in two of our best-selling plants, our potted roses (R95.99) and mini anthurium (R149.99). Whether bought as a practical gift or as an addition to your home’s décor, the Waterwick self-watering system ensures your plants live happier, for longer.

Visit Woolworths stores countrywide or shop online at to get your green (or not so green) thumbs on this clever home gardening solution.