Already offering our customers a wide range of affordable Woolworths skincare, fragrance, and beauty products that cater to their every need, we’re now bringing them even more choice with the launch of an exciting new bath and body addition – Aroma Essence – on our shelves in August. Our first range to take inspiration from the wonder of aromatherapy, Aroma Essence has been designed to take you on a pleasurable sensory journey. Each fragrance was carefully selected from a number of scents submitted by prestigious fragrance houses from around the globe. You can choose from four delicious fragrances: • ‘BE’ with essences of jasmine and bergamot to help you reflect and reconnect; • ‘LIVE’ with juniper berry and lemon believed to rejuvenate and revitalise; • ‘CHILL’ with chamomile and clary sage to help you relax and unwind; and • ‘DREAM’ with lavender and frankincense to help create the mood for restful sleep You can enjoy your favourite as a foam bath (R69.95), body cream (R69.95), spritzer (R59.95), shower gel (R59.95), body scrub (R59.95), bath salts (R49.95), hand and nail cream (R49.95) and bath or massage oils (R49.95). Naturally we made sure the range is affordable to make at-home pampering an everyday treat! Aroma Essence – like all Woolworths beauty products – is carefully formulated in accordance with Woolworths Good Beauty Principles. This means that the products contain no mineral oils or harsh ingredients and each ingredient has been thoroughly tested for safety and quality. Every product is also dermatologically tested. Products are not tested on animals and carry the approval of Beauty Without Cruelty. The Aroma Essence bath and body range will be available in selected Woolworths stores nationwide from August. Body Scrub A creamy body scrub – with a delicious fragrance – that effectively exfoliates to get rid of dry, dead skin. Shea butter, olive oil, and glycerine assist in moisturising the skin while a special blend of chamomile, calendula, and jojoba help soothe and calm the skin after exfoliating. Shower Gel A shower gel that gently cleanses while offering a refreshing burst of fragrance. Olive oil and added conditioners help soften the skin. Foam Bath A gentle and fragrant foam bath with olive oil to help moisturise, and skin conditioners for a softer, smoother skin. Body Cream A gently fragranced, nourishing body cream with proven 24-hour moisturising properties. Rich moisturisers include olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and chamomile oil, while a specialised conditioning compound helps soothe and calm the skin. Each fragrance has an added essential oil, i.e. ‘CHILL’ has a chamomile essential oil; ‘LIVE’ has sweet orange essential oil; ‘BE’ has bergamot essential oil; and ‘DREAM’ has patchouli essential oil. Hand and Nail Cream A gently fragranced, fast-absorbing hand cream – with proven 24-hour moisturising properties. Shea butter and aloe leaf extract helps to moisturise while a specialised conditioning compound helps soothe and calm the skin. To help condition the nails, we’ve also added keratin – a protein renowned for its strengthening capabilities. Also blended with essential oils.