This summer, everyday pampering becomes a cinch when Woolworths welcomes a new addition to our bath and body range. New ‘Fresh Delights’ boasts floral, fruity and fresh notes that should appeal to a wide range of tastes. And starting at R14,95, it caters to everyone’s pocket. We’ve consulted top fragrance houses in Europe and Asia in a quest to bring you trendy and exciting fragrance combinations like Avocado & Sesame Oil, Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Coconut & Lime and Fresh Water & Lotus. Aromas are subtle and gentle and take your senses on a magical fragrance journey. Next winter will see the launch of an additional variant – Caramel & Cream – a decadent treat of creamy caramel and rich vanilla. But fragrance is nothing without function. All the products in the range have been selected with the utmost care and thoroughly tested by top German experts to ensure that they are mild and gentle on the skin, safe to use and, of course, effective. Products like the body butter and hand & nail cream have been put through their paces to ensure that they moisturise from sunrise to sunset. Like all Woolworths Beauty products, the ‘Fresh Delights’ range is carefully formulated in accordance with Woolworths ‘Good Beauty’ principles. No harmful mineral oils or petrochemical ingredients have been used and every product has been thoroughly assessed for safety. Products are not tested on animals and carry the approval of Beauty Without Cruelty. In the range you’ll find: hand soap (R14,95), hand and nail cream (R19,95) hand wash and shower gel (R22,50 each), foam bath and body butter (R27,50 each).