In the most recent step in its Good Food Journey, Woolworths has announced that it has reduced the amount of sugar in its chilled 100% fruit juices and nectars. This follows the reduction in sugar across their entire yoghurt range earlier this year and is in line with World Health Organisation directives1 as well as Woolworths own commitment to offering better food choices. “We’ve removed the equivalent of 20 million teaspoons (approximately 79 tons) of sugar from our chilled 100% juices and nectars,” says Cecil Mitchell, Woolworths Head of Food Technology. This includes the naturally occurring fruit sugars in the concentrates from which Woolworths chilled juices are made, as well as the sucrose (table sugar) which is added to our chilled nectars, and represents the amount that would have been included in these juices in a year based on average weekly sales. “Dietary imbalances associated with eating more refined foods and not eating enough fruit and vegetables may be linked to the world-wide epidemic of lifestyle-related diseases including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure,” Mitchell explains. “South African dietary guidelines recommend using sugar sparingly – for a normal adult that means about 10 teaspoons of added sugar or sugar from concentrated sources per day. By reformulating our chilled juice recipes we’ve significantly been able to reduce the amount of sugar in these fresh juices without compromising on flavour.” 1 WHO report 916 – Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease In keeping with Woolworths Good Food Journey promise to avoid additives where possible, these juices are also free of added preservatives including sulphur dioxide. Ends __________________________________________________________________ Frequently asked questions What is the Good Food Journey? The Good Food Journey is the name we’ve given to our ongoing quest to offer South Africa food that’s better for our customers, better for the environment and better for the people who produce it. It encompasses everything from avoiding additives like tartrazine and MSG in our foods, switching to more natural flavourants, never using mechanically deboned meat, and offering more organic and free range choices to caring for the welfare of animals and promoting healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle, which includes reducing the salt in breads, cereals, deli meats and other foods and removing trans fat from hydrogenated vegetable oils from its fresh prepared food ranges. Why is your 100% juice made from concentrate? Unlike our seasonal pressed juices, which contain only juice which has been freshly pressed from fruit, our 100% juices are made from concentrate and may contain either grape or apple juice in the blend. They are 100% fruit juice. Using concentrate allows us to ensure consistent flavour throughout the year. Is it still necessary to dilute these juices for children? Yes. Woolworths recommends that mothers continue to dilute these 100% juices and nectars with water.