Want to know what the hottest fashion items are for winter and how to wear them? Check out Woolworths new FASH10N for the top ten fashion essentials for women for the coming season. Woolies even shows you how to put together these ‘must haves’ to create the most fashionable looks from top to toe. FASH10N – pronounced ‘fashion 10’ — is the successor to Woolies ‘fabulist’ of top ten fashion favourites, which has proven exceptionally popular with shoppers over the last few seasons. Why the name change? As Woolworths Group Director of Marketing, Charmaine Huet, explains, “Our customers count on us to bring them new ideas and fresh new looks – not only in fashion, but in our stores. In addition, the name FASH10N instantly lets you know that it’s all about the ten key fashion items you should be adding to your wardrobe for the season.” FASH10N will be launched as part of Woolies’ winter 2011 campaign, which kicks off on 23 March and is built around the theme ‘Come Together’. “We South Africans have proven to ourselves and the world that we can do amazing things when we put our mind to it, says Huet. “The idea behind our winter campaign is to help inspire all South Africans to keep up that incredible spirit of closeness and togetherness, to come together, with family and friends, with colleagues, and as a country.” So what are the ten top items for winter 2011? In womenswear, jackets and coats are a strong trend. Woolies FASH10N includes three: the aviator jacket, the versatile knitted cardigan coat, and a modern take on the military coat, either waist-length with band-jacket buttons or mid-thigh and double-breasted. In pants, the slimmed-down look remains key, with skinny cargo pants balancing out the season’s coats and chunky knits, and jodhpur-inspired treggings tucked into boots. In tops, the cropped sweater is an essential item, especially when it comes to putting together winter’s all-important layered look, while the longer-length lacy top adds an unabashedly feminine touch and goes from day to evening with ease. The snood is unquestionably one of the hottest fashion items for winter. Over the head and/or around the neck, it’s both a pretty and practical way to keep winter’s chill at bay. In footwear, boots, like the Victorian-inspired laced suede ankle boot, are back with a bang. Military influences and the pared-down look are also big trends in menswear, with the military-inspired parka, rugged all-purpose desert boot and leather utility boot partnering with slim, flat-front cords, slim-leg jeans or slim-fit chinos. Checked shirts make a comeback as do chunky knits and cosy long-sleeved tees. Add the classic combo of knitted scarf and beanie, and you’ll have winter perfectly wrapped up!