Woolworths has measured a record number of South Africans in its recent national sizing survey, the results of which will be seen in store by 2015.

According to Alvanon, the international sizing company that provided the state-of-the-art body scanner for the survey, this is the most successful sizing campaign rolled out globally to date.

Alvanon is an international market leader in body scanning and fit form development and has worked with global retail leaders such as Marks and Spencer, Levis and Target.

Darren Todd: Head of Sourcing and Technology at Woolworths, says. “As a team, we were delighted by the enthusiastic level of South Africans’ participation in the survey across the country. The number of people surveyed far exceeded our expectations and original targets.”

The survey, themed ‘find your perfect fit’, aimed to measure a diverse group of men and women to ensure that Woolworths’ clothing sizing standards continue to meet the needs of all South African customers. The survey used innovative new sizing technology to provide a 360˚ set of measurements for participants in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal.

The survey was a first for South African consumers, and another unique channel for Woolworths to listen to their customers and adapt to meet their needs. Darren adds, “It was a direct reflection of Woolworths’ dedication to its customers. We sat with each person who participated in the survey to go through their results, and suggest the best clothing items in our current ranges for them.”

The survey measured a good spread across gender – with 76% female and 24% male recorded participation – as well as ethnicity.

“As a leader in fashion retail, it is essential that we provide high quality fashion that fits each of our customers. The data we collected will be used to develop an optimal fit standard across menswear, womenswear and sleepwear,” says Darren.

Woolworths customers can anticipate the new range of products resulting from the new sizing specifications in store from Spring/Summer 2015.