Rethink old habits and usher in the new! Discover innovative ways to create new dishes with Woolies. Whether wraps and pastas are your go-to’s, or easy ready-to-eat family and casual meals are more your style, Woolies has all your culinary needs covered with a range of new products geared to level up each bite. And that’s not all, get ready to elevate your hydration game too with the latest addition of fermented beers, ideal for summer.

Veggie essentials

Loadshedding has and continues to thwart plans to enjoy home-cooked meals, which has led to increased reliance on takeout foods and often results in food wastage too. Woolies has addressed this challenge by introducing a range of options that can be prepared in minutes, all before the lights go off.

On offer is a new lineup of veggie wraps and pastas that are ideal for the entire family.

Catering to dairy-free preferences, the wraps provide a versatile solution for a variety of dietary choices. Indulge in options like the Plain Cauliflower wrap, the Beetroot & Chia wrap, and the Carrot, Vegetable & Quinoa wrap.

For a delightful summer pasta experience, get creative with options like the Cauliflower & Carrot Fettuccine, Cauliflower Spaghetti, Tenderstem Broccoli Spaghetti, and Cauliflower Rice Noodles.

Family favourites

Forget the stress and time needed to create a memorable family dinner, Woolies’ new convenient meal options will have you done and enjoying in no time. These innovative family meal solutions are compatible with air fryers and boast delightful flavours that will elevate your overall dining experience.

The Sunday Kos Booster Bowl is bound to become a fast favourite among South African families, while the Cauliflower & Chicken Taco Kits introduce a unique twist to Taco Tuesdays.

Four-minute authentic pasta

Prepare authentic pasta dishes in a mere four minutes using Woolies’ innovative, first-to-market pastas made using double-layer filling technology. These pastas are made with free-range eggs and durum wheat pasta.

Enjoy a laid-back meal with options such as Aubergine Melanzane Grandi Girasoli, Pomodoro Burrata Ravioli, Porcini & Italian Cheese Grandi Girasoli, and Spatzle.

Something fruity

For the ultimate summer hydration experience, try the Woolies’ Fermented Beer Drinks. These latest additions in flavours pineapple and granadilla, are meticulously batch-brewed and locally crafted. Using a slow batch fermentation process with yeast, these drinks guarantee a tasty fruit beer taste, all without the addition of preservatives.

Whether you’re looking for loadshedding meal solutions, a healthy reset to the year or just want to try something different, Woolies is your ultimate flavour destination.

Head to your nearest Woolworths store now or visit to indulge in these new items.