2018 is the year of the runner, the cyclist, the boxer, the yogi and more! Everyone seems to be taking their active lifestyles a whole lot more seriously, and it’s about time we start caring more about the holistic package. Because part of being active is about good food and smart refuelling.

Luckily Woolworths makes grabbing your fuel on the go easier than ever with their new Smash and Dash Packs! These fresh and convenient pouches each contain one of your five fruit and vegetable portions per day.

The Smash Packs contain 75% fruit and vegetables: think dairy, quinoa and oats. These 120 g pouches are great either before or after an activity, including long endurance.

The Dash Packs are ideal to grab straight from the fridge and take along on a run, ride or hike. These pocket size pouches are made from a base of dates, apples and avocado oil – and then flavoured with added fruit and vegetables.

Keeping up that active lifestyle and refuelling it with good food to fill you up just became effortless. Just pop a couple of Woolies’ new Smash or Dash pouches in your trolley on your next shop, and you’re sorted.

Make sure you get your hands on this exciting new On the Go range —at Woolworths stores countrywide, or visit www.woolworths.co.za to shop online.