TV viewers and visitors to Woolworths stores may find themselves singing along to a Beatles classic this winter, as Woolworths has built its advertising campaign for the season around the theme, ‘Come Together’, and is using the well-known, much-loved song, first released in 1969, as the theme tune – but with a definite South African flavour and featuring a number of instantly recognisable artists. Why ‘Come Together? Explains Woolworths Group Marketing Director, Charmaine Huet, “We South Africans have proven to ourselves and the world that we can do amazing things when we put our mind to it. The idea behind our winter campaign is to help inspire all South Africans to keep up that incredible spirit of closeness and togetherness, to come together, with family and friends, with colleagues, and as a country.” Among the well-known South African stars featured in the campaign are Lira, HHP, Loyiso, Gang of Instrumentals, Inge, Goldfish, Chris Chameleon, aKing and Arno Carstens. The reason for using such a large and varied group of artists, says Huet, was to bring the concept 'Come Together' to life, adding, “Even more than that, we've brought together a group of well-known South African artists from a variety of different music genres – jazz, kwaito, R&B, etc. – to demonstrate that while we may come from different backgrounds and different cultures, we can all pull together as South Africans, and when we do so, we're unbeatable!” Using well-known South Africans is nothing new for Woolworths, which has been featuring ‘real people’ in its seasonal advertising campaigns for a number of years. This season is a little different, though, in that in addition to modelling Woolies clothing and accessories, they’re doing what they’re known for – performing. The campaign launches on TV on 21 March and in-store on 23 March.