Getting your little ones to eat the good stuff is no easy feat. But don’t stress, Woolies is kicking 2018 off with a bang and providing you with the food you need to make sure your children get the goodness they need (and deserve).

Decked out in fun and colourful packaging, Woolworths’ new kiddies food range was made with kids in mind, and to make life a little more convenient for parents, who only want the best for their little munchkins. From the adorable little chef logo that helps parents to quickly identify that they are ticking all the good food boxes, to the playful veggie bunch characters that give kids an idea of what’s inside their favourite meal, this range has mealtime for children over sorted!

Be sure to start the day right with one of the eye-catching and delicious new cereals. Choose from fruit salad-, berry-, or banana-flavoured varieties, chocolate, or honeycomb, and let your little one enjoy, knowing that each box contains less than one and a half teaspoons of sugar per serving, is high in fibre and made from whole grains.

Relieve the pressure of what to serve at lunch and dinnertime with an easy-peasy prepared meal. Your little people are spoilt for choice with so many exciting options including Cheese-A-Roni, Eezy Cheezy Chicken and Treez, Chicken Noodle Doo, Mighty Meaty Lasagna, Crisscross Cottage Pie and more! Meals are made with considered ingredients such as whole wheat pasta, free range meat, and at least one of your five required vegetable portions for the day.

And when it comes to beverages and snacks, Woolies has it all down with their neat portions, including yummy Fruity Toots fruit pots and a new range of sparkling waters (great for grown-ups too), which are bursting with interesting flavours to quench all little thirsts.

So parents, make sure you get your hands on this exciting new range—with its colour-filled and playful packaging —at Woolworths stores countrywide, or visit to shop online.