Cool down this Summer with new and delicious ranges of melt-in-the mouth Woolworths ice creams and frozen yoghurt desserts. These ranges have been revamped, redesigned and expanded to feature new looks, new flavours and some all new products. Top of the range are the newly launched ‘Extremely Creamy’ ice creams and ‘Extremely Fruity’ sorbets. Made exclusively for Woolworths by a family of Italian master ice cream makers, these are luxurious offerings specially designed to meet the demands of the most discerning ice cream gourmets. These new deluxe ranges offer the ultimate indulgent frozen dessert experience. There are no artificial flavourants or colourants – just generous lashings of the very best, freshest and most delicious ingredients that can be found. Expect imported organic chocolate, real Madagascan vanilla beans, imported Italian coffee beans, luscious strawberries and double thick cream in Woolworths ‘Extremely Creamy’ ice creams. The elegant ‘Extremely Fruity’ sorbets are made with crisp mineral water and are redolent with fresh, ripe lemons, mangoes and berries. While decadent in style and flavour, these sorbets are naturally low in fat, gelatine free and suitable for slimmers and vegetarians. In time for a holiday season brimful with celebrations, occasions and special meals deserving special touches, Woolworths has launched a range of quick and easy, ready-to-serve ice cream desserts. For easy entertaining and delightful treats, try Woolworths Assorted Kisses, Italian Kisses, Ice Cream Truffles, Tiramisu and Duo Chocolate Ice Cream slices as perfect ways to end your memorable meals. This year, your special festive meal can also be enhanced by the innovative and delicious Woolworths Christmas Ice Cream Bombe or Christmas Ice Cream Stollen slices. When it comes to real dairy ice cream, Woolworths makes it the old fashioned way – with real dairy milk and no artificial flavourants or artificial colourants. In this revamped real dairy range, you’ll find favourite flavours like Vanilla, Blueberry Cheesecake, Tin Roof, Chocolate and Rum & Raisin. For those keen to explore new taste sensations, Woolworths has also introduced flavour combinations such as Chocolate Fudgey Brownie, Toffee Honeycomb Crunch and Cherry Nutty Nougat. There’s nothing quite like frozen yoghurt to freshen up a hot Summer’s day, and now you’ll find even more tasty flavours to choose from at Woolworths. Made with real dairy milk and yoghurt, Woolworths frozen yoghurt comes in Red Berry Medley, Fruits of the Cape, Vanilla and Double Toffee flavours. There are also three varieties in the Slimmer’s Choice low fat range – Vanilla, Strawberry and Tropical. As you’d expect, there are no artificial flavourants or colourants. The ‘Soft Scoop’ range is an established hit with customers. Five flavours – Vanilla, Strawberry Swirl, Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Swirl and Neapolitan emerge from the freezer ready to scoop. ‘Soft Scoop’ is the perfect party ice-cream – no waiting, no hassling, just as the name suggests. These delicious new ranges are now ready and waiting at your nearest Woolworths food market.