In the age of responsible consumerism and sustainable living, there is a sharper and sharper focus on what actually goes on behind the scenes in the production of our food, clothing and other goods. Some years ago, Woolworths launched ‘Badger-Friendly’ honey and brought to light the fact that the Honey Badger was being killed by beekeepers in alarming numbers. In essence, our consumption of a very wholesome product such as honey was in fact, contributing to the very unwholesome decimation of a species. Woolworths together with conservationists and farmers implemented solutions to protect apiaries from Honey Badgers. A ‘Badger-Friendly’ Code of Practice was implemented; and the endorsement of ‘Badger-Friendly’ on honey products meant that consumers had the peace of mind that they were supporting responsible honey producers. Now, The Woolworths Trust has announced that it has made a R100 000 donation to the Landmark Foundation in support of its Leopard and Predator Conservation Project. The funds will specifically be used in the development of an enabling environment for the production of ‘Predator-Friendly’ farming. There is still significant persecution of predators such as Leopards, Caracals, Jackals, Eagles and Vultures in South Africa. Over the past three years, the Landmark Foundation has worked particularly to promote and facilitate the humane capture, relocation, tracking and release of leopards as alternatives to the use of gin-traps and poison bait. The sponsorship of the Landmark Foundation’s project involves the development of a ‘Predator-Friendly’ Code of Conduct and Producer’s Manual for South Africa’s meat producers. In addition, a major workshop that will bring together farmers, conservationists and wildlife specialists will be convened to explore holistic approaches to predator control and the implementation of biological sustainable farming practices. The support of The Woolworths Trust is a mark of the retailer’s commitment to its recently announced ‘Good Business Journey’ – a systemic initiative that aims to ensure sustainable growth for the company and all its stakeholders. Woolworths has pledged to enhance its environmental focus over the next five years through programmes that accelerate environmental conservation and protect biodiversity. Chairman of the Woolworths Trust, Mr Brian Frost said: “We thank our World of Difference customers who have nominated the Woolworths Trust as their beneficiary. By swiping their World of Difference cards at till-points when they make purchases, these customers have enabled us to take this step in our Good Business Journey. We believe it is an important contribution to assisting South Africa farmers in transforming to more sustainable ecological practices.” ENDS Issued on behalf of: The Woolworths Trust Issued by: liquidlingo Communications Contact: +27 21 424 1530