Of course moms can also rely on the things that make Woolworths kids clothing different — like our colourfast and hardwearing pure cotton corduroy, our anti-pill polar fleece that keeps its good looks for longer and our easy-care, easy-wear knits. Girlswear starts the season off with a cosy layered look where Fair Isle, fur and woodland animal prints meet authentic denim styles. Wintery layers hint at authentic folkloric costume, and chunky knits double as coats with plush Eskimo hoods. Think of treasures you'll find on the forest floor, pretty mushrooms, wild flowers, acorns and berries and if you really look hard you might see a fairy. Little girls who need a touch of colour will find it just what they’re looking for, too, with plenty of vibrant colours on offer to mix and match. Boyswear starts the season with a fusion of nostalgic cowboys and Indians with Navajo blanket patterns and country checks interpreted into shirts and knitwear. We stay with the retro outdoor theme, but take it into the 20th century. There are influences from vintage boy scouts uniforms, handbooks and first aid kits on one hand, and archetypical American long-haul truckers on the other, with gas station, motel and road signage graphics depicting the freedom and ruggedness of the road. Workwear, worn denim and borg lined checks are integral to the look. We’re also turning up the heat with our innovative new technology – called Heat Generation – wonderfully soft and unbelievably light clothing that not only traps body heat to keep you warm, but actually “knows” when you’re cold and generates heat so you stay snug and toasty. For all your winter basics, you can still rely on Woolies Great Value for essentials like our anti-pill polar fleece tops and pants, easy pull-on pull-off cords and long-sleeved pure cotton tees at really affordable prices. Our trusted-for-generations schoolwear is a good choice all year ‘round. Still with built-in sun protection and built-in stain protection, wfabricguard, they’re easy to care for, long-lasting and offer real value for your money. And after the bell rings, 10-12 year olds can kick up a gear in our after-school urban wear. Break time is sorted too. Our perfectly portioned kid-size fruit packs, already diluted kids’ juices, veggie snack packs, nuts and dried fruit ensure that mom can pack a nutritious, balanced lunchbox in a flash. Our deliciously flavoured low-fat milk, in tasty chocolate, strawberry or cream soda flavours that kids love are just the thing for lunchboxes, too. And for after school, our scrumptious kids’ ready-made meals are ready to serve in under 2 minutes. They’re made just the way you would at home with no added preservatives, artificial colourants and flavourants and they’re packed with “hidden” veggies to fool even the fussiest eaters. And for afters? Our yummy jellies are free from tartrazine and azo dyes and come in exciting flavours like bubblegum, lollipop, candyfloss and cream soda. With our baking kits, budding bakers can create delicious cakes, desserts, cupcakes and scones with no effort at all and almost no supervision! All the dry ingredients are already mixed, with no weighing or sieving, so it helps little ones gain confidence in the kitchen. For playtime, we have the UK’s favourite toy range — Early Learning Centre. Every toy has been created to help boost your child’s development and is sure to provide hours of indoor fun this winter. In the arts and crafts range there’s a wide selection of tools to create different textures and effects as well as a Super Scribbler with stamps, a pen and roller so kids can draw and doodle to boost their creativity and imagination, and develop fine motor skills. There are also toys like tea sets, portable desks and musical instruments, to name a few, to teach kids anything from writing and spelling to counting and sharing. The best news is that busy moms can get everything they need on our website www.woolworths.co.za – 24/7, from the comfort of their homes. With so much quality, value and convenience, it’s easy to see that Woolies has kids covered this winter.