After two years of Christmas plans not coming to fruition, Woolies is here to help you make the most of the first festive season without masks and social distancing. It’s time to chill the bubbly, deck the halls, unpack the Christmas tree (or choose a fresh one) untangle the tinsel and lights, and wear matching pyjamas… The joy of coming together with family and friends – the people who really matter – and taking a moment to give back to our communities is what it’s all about. However you celebrate the season, this one’s for you!


Some say the way to your heart is through your stomach, so it feels apt that there is, as always, a vast range of delicious foodie gifts to choose from, starting with some beautiful biscuit tins. As always, Woolies is partnering with home-grown creators to showcase South African talent. We’ve collaborated with local artists, including Amy Ayanda and Pigcasso, on designs for selected biscuit tins, and the sales from the mini chocolate chip tin, called “Hope and Love”, designed by Nardstar, will see a R50 000 donation being made towards #ZEROHUNGER2030. “Hope and Love” reminds us that through connection, understanding, deep love, and respect for our planet and all life, we can overcome all manner of challenges.

There is a beautiful sea-themed ‘I Am Water’ tin, featuring an underwater photograph taken by Peter Marshall of I AM WATER Ocean Conservation – an NGO based in Cape Town’s Kalk Bay. Working with under-resourced coastal communities that have little or no experience beyond the beach, the team at I Am Water teach children how to swim and snorkel, introducing them to the local ocean ecosystem.

Speaking of collaborations, choose from two Fantastical™ Cupcake Mixes and celebrate South African favourites with The Lazy Makoti and her Ginger Beer Scones and Dombolo Steamed Bread Kits. There are also a variety of other DIY kits for making your own bread, vetkoek, pizza, and sweet treats.

On the subject of sweet treats, our Christmas Marshmallow Pies are made from 100% responsibly sourced cocoa and free range eggs, while  our extra-special shortbread is made with butter for a rich, caramelised flavour. 100% of Woolies chocolate is made from responsibly sourced cocoa, which is better for our farmers and the planet, and Woolies chocolates are made locally, which means you can support South African manufacturers too.

We’ve added to our Chuckles® range – the perennial Woolworths crowd-pleaser – with Chuckles® Malted Biscuits Enrobed in Chocolate, which will be available in a signature red tin – perfect for gifting, after-dinner-delights, or midnight snacking.

It goes without saying that all of Woolies Foods products are (obviously) on Santa’s ‘nice’ list, but of course, everyone has their favourites. With that in mind, our team of product development elves has been working away on creating something extra special this year – the start of a range that features the most exceptional quality we could possibly imagine. So, keep an eye out in December for a special nod to what we believe are our Best Ever Christmas heroes – you’ll want those outstanding items on your Christmas table!


Now that we’re in the spirit of things, let’s shift our attention to getting that festive glow. Our WBeauty range is consciously and carefully made with the environment in mind, and gentle on the skin. Now that we’re able to see everyone’s smiles again, we can’t think of a lovelier stocking-filler than a new lippy – choose from a selection of matte and longwear lipsticks in various summery shades – and look out for our collaboration with artist Amy Ayanda on some of the packaging for these (as well as on WBeauty cosmetic pouches and nail colours). A vanilla and orchid reed diffuser will fill your home with fine fragrance, but if body fragrance is more your thing, the Armani, Si-Passione Gift Set would be the perfect gift for someone special. Ensure you find a moment of calm during the silly season, by popping on a WBeauty Mini Mask, and enjoy a relaxing soak with the Luxury Christmas Bath range in Festive Floral (containing gold flakes) for a sparkling end-of-year treat, or a Longmarket Bath Bomb in Pear & Patchouli, or Ruby Grapefruit & Sea Salt – suddenly, it’s a DIY spa day!    


Of course, it’s also time to prepare the house for guests, and Woolies has everything you need, whatever your festive season style. Set the scene by draping your tree with long-lasting LED Lights, turn up the twinkle with glittery and colourful baubles, and beautify the branches with décor – ready for Santa to drop off an abundance of gifts. While our table exudes festive cheer – nothing says holiday décor like bright red Poinsettias, elegantly styled with a lush string garland with leaves draped along the centre to complete the look. And because we’re crackers about ‘local’, our wide selection of Christmas crackers are made in SA, in a Fair Trade accredited factory, and the boxes they come in are made from materials sourced from well-managed FSC®-certified forests and recycled materials.

More is more, in our humble opinion, so why not dot some Red Festive Cheer Bouquets around your home along with a welcoming faux Eucalyptus Wreath on your door. Make sure you’re never empty-handed when you arrive on Christmas Day – grab a Sugarplum Bouquet for an easy but thoughtful token of your gratitude. The best part? All our horticulture is locally sourced, so you can rest assured that your home is beautifully and ethically adorned.


We know it’s said to never judge a book by its cover, but who doesn’t swell with pride when your gift is picked first in a game of Secret Santa because of its beautiful wrapping? With gift bags galore and cheerful cards, you can ensure that your thoughtfully selected presents will stand out from the crowd. All our gift bags and gift wrapping are crafted from materials sourced from well-managed FSC®-certified forests and recycled materials.


A family greeting card is a perfect way to freeze a memory forever; so, if you’re going to do a family photo, matching pyjamas and novelty socks should be top of your shopping list. We’ve got your matchy-matchy family jammies covered – whether you’re wearing them to open your gifts or to say ‘cheese’, they’ll ensure jolly good fun for the whole family! 


So much of the pleasure around Christmas is because of the little ones. This season, Woolies has a sleigh full of fun sweet treats. Think Chuckles® Chocolate Lollipops, a Chocolate Santa filled with Fantastical™ Multicoloured Eggs, and a Truck filled with Chuckles® Malted Puffs. If your littlies enjoy spreading the holiday cheer with their friends, there are plenty of Festive Friends soft toys, Naughtier or Nicer mugs, candy canes, and biscuits. You can also build the excitement by getting the kids involved in the countdown to Santa’s visit with a Fantastical™ or Chuckles® advent calendar. And don’t think we’ve forgotten about gifts for our fur kids: there’s a selection of cheerful soft toys on offer, including a tree and gingerbread man!


The advent calendars are not just for kids though – they offer 24 opportunities to be kind to yourself, each other, and the planet during the month of December. Each advent calendar has 24 windows, and contains 24 treats, as well as a QR code, which, when scanned, allows you to donate to The Woolworths Trust and is used to help alleviate hunger.

All our products are made to care, so if you love to give, it’s also great to know that when you buy any of our boxes of Christmas crackers (excluding the Confetti crackers), or any of our single Christmas cards, R1.00 (VAT incl.) is donated to The Woolworths Trust and goes towards the #ZEROHUNGER2030 initiative.

And there are other ways to give back, too. A reusable shopping bag, beautifully designed by local artist Amy Ayanda, will be on offer, and for every bag sold R10.00 will be donated to The Woolworths Trust. 

Woolies also has a partnership with Relate; a recognised non-profit organisation committed to helping our communities create jobs and raise funds for important causes. In collaboration with this NPO, customers can purchase beaded bracelets and lanyards, and R3.00 of the proceeds for each one sold will go to The Woolworths Trust, while the balance will go directly to Relate.

Woolworths is making it easy for you to tick off your end-of-year to do list, so you can look forward to a magical and memorable festive season, the way you want. So, pop into your nearest Woolworths store and join the holiday fun. If you would prefer to soak up this special time with your family, there’s always the Click & Collect option, or Woolies Dash is a convenient way to get everything you want delivered straight to your door from