You’re craving your favourite restaurant meal, but it’s cold outside and you can’t think of anything worse than braving the outdoors. No problem! Woolworths has a selection of brand new and delicious meal solutions for you that won’t only see you making minimal effort, but will also take you on a global culinary journey that won’t soon be forgotten.

Introducing the Woolworths Global Menu – your ticket to internationally-inspired food and flavours, ready to serve and share with your favourite people. Think Chinese-inspired pork baos, Indian-inspired cauliflower korma, Japanese-style chicken katsu and Korean BBQ shortrib. Your family take-out game just got upgraded, with these mouth-watering flavours and dishes, now available on Woolworths shelves countrywide.

Best of all, there’s very little preparation involved, so you can literally serve up restaurant-quality cuisine in a cinch. Create your own menu, pretend you whipped these global icons up yourself and be the champion of dinner parties and dates from now on. Entertaining has never been easier with these ready-to-eat feasts – inspired by foodie-meccas around the globe.

Stay home, eat out and enjoy a world of flavours this winter with the Woolworths Global Menu. Pop into a Woolies store now to marvel at the extensive selection, or visit to shop online.