Stay ahead of the curve, and simultaneously transform your living space into a sanctuary of warmth and luxury this autumn and winter with Woolworths. As the cold evenings and frosty mornings come in, it becomes a challenge to leave your cosy haven. But rest assured, because Woolies has curated an exquisite collection of homeware must-haves that effortlessly infuse your home with comfort and warmth aligning perfectly with the hottest décor trends of the season.

Immerse yourself in an artisanal-inspired aesthetic, with earthy prints and patterns, that feature enchanting shades of lilac and plum, harmonised with warm, earthy tones like rust, brick, and forest greens. The look includes etched linework and painted foliage for a sumptuously cosy style.

You can also dive into the nostalgic look that’s immensely popular for its comforting familiarity and reminisce of simpler times. In a beautiful expression of the theme, Woolies is offering collections in rich tan and dark teal hues, accentuated by pops of ochre and saffron for light warmth. You’ll also find vintage florals, simple stripes, oversized gingham, and hand drawn checks to complete the look. So, without further ado, let’s begin the home tour!


Quality sleep transcends the mere act of getting in a mandatory eight hours. It’s a holistic experience, largely contingent on the look and feel of your bedding. Envelop yourself in the superior caress of Woolworths’ 250TC Egyptian cotton bedding – now available in vibrant teal and lilac, adding a contemporary flair to the timeless comfort you love. And the best part? The range not only promises the Woolies quality you adore but also proves that luxury does not demand a hefty price tag.

Cotton aficionados, rejoice! Woolies’ cotton offerings have been thoughtfully reimagined with piped edging, contrast insets, special trims, and embroideries, that will revolutionize your bedding experience and ensure you sleep like a baby. Every intentional change has been crafted with your ultimate comfort and modern tranquillity in mind.

As the longer nights slowly creep in, the importance of waking up well-rested is paramount. Explore the band new natural feather products in the Woolworths Sleepwell range, soft duck feather or luxurious goose feather, the choice is yours. If feather isn’t your thing, try one of the new anti-microbial inners and pillows, these ensure that your duvet and pillow inners will stay cleaner and fresher for longer.


For many, the couch is just as important as the bed, so look out for global trend influences, as Woolworths introduces some exciting additions to complement your living space. Dive into warmth with ultra-plush blankets, perfect for styling the ultimate winter daybed or adding flair to your living room. Say goodbye to toe wars with your loved ones with 100% cotton knitted throws, ensuring you stay cosy. Look out for the chic new faux mohair throws and blankets to add an extra layer of contemporary luxury and ‘with-it’ elegance to your couch and lounge.

Inject extra personality to your living room with statement décor to elevate the space. Incorporate vessels in artisanal shapes in your aesthetic and choose from warm neutrals and vibrant fashion(able) colours. Seal the sensory deal with the new Haute room fragrance range. Woolworths offers a wide selection of décor items that effortlessly merge bold design with everyday functionality, ensuring your space reflects the avant-garde spirit of the moment.

Take your vases to the next level by adding interest to every corner with Woolworths’ real dried botanicals. Available in organic shapes and a palette of neutral and seasonal colours, these additions let your character shine throughout any room.


Warm and delicious meals with loved ones are at the heart of all homes, especially in winter. Celebrate wanderlust and an eclectic mix of styles that’s cutting-edge, as you adorn your table with beautiful new ceramic ranges from Portugal. The Nostalgia range, featuring natural woven placemats, scalloped dinnerware and wooden serveware can be wonderfully paired with printed tablecloths in dark teal, ochre, and tan, and you’ll be transported to a toasty cabin in the woods.

Fear the clatter of dropped cutlery no more! The chip-resistant porcelain dinnerware range ensures this worry is a thing of the past. Level up any moment with the lead-free crystal drinkware because who says you always need a special occasion to toast to life?

Woolworths makes the transformation of your living space into a cocoon of luxury and warmth easier than ever this chilly season, by incorporating thoughtful features into every element. After all, the details make the difference! It’s not just about products, it’s about creating an experience that resonates with your soul. Welcome to a world where comfort meets style, and your home becomes a reflection of you.

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