In a bid to raise awareness about food security – an issue that has been exasperated by the recent recession and climate change – and help under-resourced schools, The Woolworths Trust invites all South Africans, be they a greenie or a techie, to do their bit for World Food Day, 16 October 2010, by ‘planting’ a virtual seedling on Woolworths’ Living Wall and join its national cyber-green movement. Based on a real vertical container food garden, the eco-friendly idea has a live counter to show just how fast South Africans are going green and backing the cause. “2 000 seedlings have already been planted after going live just yesterday, which is really positive to see. Our target over the next few days is 10 000 seedlings, which will make a significant difference to the food production in our EduPlant schools who are harvesting fresh fruit & vegetables to feed their learners” says Zinzi Mgolodela, BEE Transformation Manager. It works by inviting South Africans to ‘plant a seedling on’, or in other words, choose a tomato, strawberry, spinach or basil plant from the virtual nursery, put their name on it and ‘plant’ it. In so doing, a real food seedling will be donated by the Woolworths Trust and planted at a local school that has a permacuture food garden. Mgolodela, says, “Food is a basic need yet over 300 million Africans go to bed hungry every day. This sobering reality prompted Woolworths to do something impactful by inviting everyone to plant a seedling, online. It’s fun and it’s free yet by ‘planting a seedling on’, the public can help others who experience a shortage of food every day.” To plant a seeding on and be part of Woolworths’ cyber-green movement this World Food Day, visit before Sunday, 17 October and make a difference.