In celebration of Mandela Day, Woolworths head office and store employees in the Cape region have raised over R100 000 for improvements to the St Francis Children’s Home in Thornton road, Athlone.  They also offered their hands and sweat to work alongside Newkidz in painting and renovating four kitchens and their computer room.

St Francis Children’s Home is currently home to 45 boys ranging in age from 2 – 17 years and is in dire need of repairs. The funding has been allocated to revamp the four kitchens, repaint the computer room, replace the damaged windows and secure the front door with a security gate.  The boys have also all received two pairs of warm pyjamas and a casual outfit.

Woolworths CSI Administrator, Milton Fredericks grew up in the area and nominated the St Francis Children’s Home as one of Woolworths’ employee 100Mandela Day projects.  “From personal experience I understand the challenges that these boys are facing and saw an opportunity to give them hope and put a smile on their faces.  I was delighted to then hear that my store colleagues in the Cape and greater Cape region had also proposed St Francis Children’s Home as the beneficiary for their Just Cause initiative.  Their support gave us the opportunity to make an even greater difference here,” confirmed Fredericks. 

“Woolworths has indeed made a major difference to us with this generous donation to give us a safer and warmer winter.  We truly felt their care as they have been hands on and listened to our needs.  They have also opened their doors for us to collect surplus food from their Kromboom & Palmyra stores,” says Fatima Levy, St Francis Children’s Home.

Just Cause is part of the Woolworths Employee Community Involvement Programme that encourages clusters of Woolies employees to identify and propose a community cause that they will support through fund-raising.  The Woolworths Trust then match the funds raised up to R40 000.