Woolworths certainly isn’t crying over spilt milk after the annual 2022 SA Dairy Championships! Up against dairy heavyweights in the industry, Woolworths has once again exceeded expectations by taking home 99 of this year’s most prestigious awards. With a wide variety of award winning and innovative dairy products, it’s no wonder Woolies stole the show once again.

The SA Dairy Championships is the Oscars of Dairy and this prestigious event is aimed at recognising award winning dairy products which have been judged based on rigorous criteria. The championships consist of ten categories (cheese, butter, yoghurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, cultured and flavoured milk, dairy desserts, dairy dips, milk and UHT milk, cream) and more than one hundred classes of products in the dairy industry.

The awards, hosted by Agri-Expo since 1834, is a fierce competition that attracts close to one thousand entries from large, medium and small dairy manufacturers. Dairy products are judged by a panel of 75 experts who evaluate their appearance, texture and flavour. Products compete for the titles of SA Dairy Champion, Qualité and the ultimate, Product of the Year.

This year Woolworths secured a total of 99 awards, including 35 first place awards, 9 Qualité awards, and the coveted Product of the Year title for their 18 months Mature Cheddar! This haul of prizes beats their 2021 record of 96 awards and is indicative of their commitment to being the home of award-winning dairy.

Aside from their notable Qualité and Product of the Year awards, Woolworths received recognition for a wide variety of cheese, yoghurts, milk, cream, custard and ice cream, thus firmly cementing themselves as the cream of the crop when it comes to dairy.  

Woolworths’ commitment to helping consumers discover the difference in dairy is unmatched, as they continue to reap countless awards year after year. This impressive collection of accolades achieved by Woolworths is a clear reflection of the hard work done by their expert dairy team and the passionate suppliers they work to deliver the crème de la crème for customers to choose from.


Woolworths Results:



No. Of first prizes


No. Of Cheese awards


No. Of Yoghurt awards


No. Of Dairy Drink awards


No. Of Milk awards


No. Of Butter awards


No. Of Cream awards


No. Of Custard awards


No. Of Desserts & Ice Cream awards