Woolworths and Engen have installed recycling facilities for paper, cardboard, glass and plastic at selected Engen service stations in the Western Cape as part of their commitment to reducing landfill waste and protecting the environment. The trail is conducted at 8 sites with a view to roll the recycling facilities out across the country. The recycling pilot project is being run in partnership with Nampak who will collect the waste as part of its existing recycling routes and distribution networks and ensure it is recycled. Justin Smith, Woolworths Good business journey manager says, “We know that, like us, our customers are concerned about the wellbeing of our planet and want to recycle their waste. We want to make it easier for them. For some, dropping recycling waste off at a local service station that they may visit anyway, will be a convenient solution.” Smith says, “Recycling waste is a fundamental pillar of Woolworths Good business journey, our plan to help our planet, our country and our communities. Our philosophy has always been to address the concerns of our customers. Reducing and recycling packaging is high on their list of priorities. We believe this innovative initiative will provide a convenient solution to this challenge. In conjunction with the recycling programme we continue to make progress on our own targets to reduce foods and clothing packaging.” Pierr Roodt, National Marketing Manager, Retail, for Engen Petroleum says, “It makes perfect sense, with our footprint of conveniently located sites across the country, we can provide South Africans with an easy and convenient solution for their recycling. Our customers can now drop off their recycling either when refueling or by making a quick stop at our sites en-route to work, home or dropping the children off at school. The petroleum industry is as challenged as any other industry in meeting its sustainability and carbon reduction targets. This collaborative project will therefore make a meaningful contribution in encouraging and assisting all South Africans to embrace the concept of recycling. The initiative also demonstrates how large corporate companies can team up and combine resources to protect our environment.” Nampak says, “Nampak Recycling is very proud to be a partner in this joint project with Woolworths and Engen. We commend them for their commitment in greening our environment and encourage other corporate companies to involve themselves in similar initiatives.” June Josephs-Langa, CEO of Indalo Yethu, the South African Government’s environmental campaign, says, “It is the small changes we make today which will have a major impact on the world we have tomorrow. We are excited to endorse this groundbreaking initiative from the private sector and look forward to the national rollout. Working together as South Africans to reduce the volume of waste that goes to landfill through recycling, we can restore the environment, and tackle climate change bin by bin! I encourage others in the private sector to follow this sterling and practical step toward greater sustainability in their own operations.” Barry Coetzee Head of Integrated Waste Management, Strategy & Policy for the City of Cape Town, says, “Managing our ever growing municipal land fill sites is a challenge we should all be concerned about. We believe this initiative has the potential to make a real difference in the medium to long term.” The trial begins today and the results of the pilot will determine the national expansion of the recycling campaign. Recycling tips Justin Smith, manager for Woolworths Good business journey, reminds customers to follow these simple recycling guidelines to ensure their waste is disposed of appropriately: •Rinse the glass, cans, and plastic containers before putting them into the recycling bins. This will ensure that your recyclables don't start to smell, and it decreases the contamination of the materials for recycling. •Squash plastic, tins and boxes prior to putting them in the relevant bin. Squashing means that less space is taken up, and more material can be transported in one go, reducing transport costs and emissions. •Choose products that are reusable rather than disposable. •Choose products that have recyclable packaging rather than disposable packaging Ends Pilot sites Engen service stations Address 1.Sunset Beach. Site address: Otto Du Plessis Drive, Sunset Beach 2.Edgemead. Site address: 7 Edgemead Drive, Edgemead. 3.Welgemoed. Site address: Jip De Jager Drive, Welgemoed. 4.Tokai Service. Site address: Station 226 Main Road, Retreat. 5.Blackheath. Site address: Buttskop Road, Blackheath. 6.Motorport, Constantia. Site address: Constantia Village Shopping Centre, Constantia Road. 7.Meadowrigde, Bergvliet.Site address:142 Ladies Mile Road, Meadowrigde. 8.Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch. Site address: Blaauwklippen Road, Stellenbosch.