The highly anticipated new season of the Cooked Living Free TV series sees well-known TV foodie Justin Bonello journey through Southern Africa in search of Good Food. Woolworths is sponsoring this fifth season of Cooked, which premiers on 12 November on the BBC Lifestyle channel. Describing himself as a cook rather than a chef, Bonello explains: “During the filming of Cooked’s fourth season I realised I had to up my game… I became increasingly concerned with the question of where our food comes from. I began to think about what South Africans are being fed, what is in the food they eat and where it comes from.” He adds, “The focus in Season 5 is to educate people about what they are eating and highlight where the produce comes from. And who better than Woolworths to guide me on my search?” “We relished the opportunity to show South Africa where the food they buy from us comes from,” explains Woolworths Group Director of Marketing, Charmaine Huet. “We’ve been telling our customers for years about all the things we do on our Good Food Journey. Now we’re giving them the chance to get a behind-the-scenes guided tour of some of our farms, so they can see for themselves how our fruit and vegetables are grown in harmony with nature, how our free range animals are cared for.” Huet adds, “We are very excited to have someone like Justin showcasing just how Woolworths balances science, technology and ethics to produce food you can trust, right from the source through to our shelves.” In Cooked5’s jam-packed 13 episodes, Bonello travels to the far corners of South Africa and introduces viewers to some of the farms, wineries and fisheries that supply food to Woolworths. These include: • Oppierandjie Boerdery (Limpopo), where Bonello sees first-hand how vegetables are grown sustainably using Woolworths Farming for the Future methods. • La Motte Winery (Franschhoek), where he gets a taste of organic wine and sees how Woolworths wine producers are protecting biodiversity on their land and contributing to social upliftment. • Graaff Fruit (Prince Alfred), where the Cooked5 team discovers the secret of Woolworths delicious Flavourburst stone fruits and other exclusive varieties. • Kareestomp farm (Aberdeen), where Bonello sees how Woolworths hormone-free free range Karoo lamb is raised. • Highlands Trout (at the Katse Dam in Lesotho), where he looks into sustainable trout fishing and enterprise development. Bonello also visits a couple of the farms where Woolies free range eggs and chickens are produced, and visits Namibia to see where their free range beef comes from. To explore these and other origins of Woolworths good food, tune in to Cooked5 with Justin Bonello on Fridays from 12 November 2010 on DSTV’s BBC Lifestyle channel.