Woolworths and the South African Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu) agreed to a verification process which was part of the strike settlement agreement. “Woolworths has been consistent throughout the dispute in saying that we will recognise a union if it had sufficient members among Woolworths employees,” said Fiona Fewell, Divisional director of HR for Woolworths. A verification process was concluded which showed that the membership has increased to 30.29% after the strike, from less than 15% in November 2007. This is sufficient for Woolworths to grant organisational rights to the union. The organisational rights provide for: •Union subscriptions to be deducted from the salaries of workers who are union members. (ie. Stop order facilities) •Union access to company premises to recruit members and hold meetings. Woolworths will implement the stop order facilities from December and finalise details of access to premises with the union in early 2009. “This is a win-win outcome as it clears up the dispute that has been hovering for more than 10 years. It provides the platform for Saccawu and Woolworths to engage proactively within an agreed framework,” said Fewell. Ends.