With an estimated 30 to 50 percent of domestic water consumption going to the garden, many of us are having to re-think how to keep our gardens going while water restrictions are getting tighter, or in some areas where no irrigation with municipal water is allowed at all.

Woolworths Beauty has reformulated their body and hand washes to meet grey water safe standards and have been tested by the CSIR ensuring that you can re-use your bath, shower and hand wash water without harmful effects on your garden. While reformulating the products to meet this standard, the Woolworths Beauty team also ensured that the new ranges are virtually rinse-less in order to help South African consumers further reduce their water consumption.

Mild and gentle on the skin, the quick rinse formulations of the new range were tested by an expert panel in an internationally accredited laboratory. Thanks to anti-adhesion agents, hands and bodies can be rinsed in a flash leaving the skin perfectly clean and residue-free.

“With Cape Town’s water crisis gaining, not just countrywide, but global attention, we know that water-saving is currently top of mind for the South African consumer,” says Woolworths Beauty Technical & Sourcing Manager, Deshi Moodley. “As part of our Good Beauty Journey, we wanted to make a water-saving lifestyle for the Woolies customer that is much easier, and help those who want to do the right thing by using grey water to irrigate their gardens, without the need to be concerned about the impact on their soils and plants.”