Learners need specific nutrients to keep their bodies functioning optimally on a day-to-day basis to encourage growth and development. This is even more important during exam time, as proper nutrition helps facilitate the learning process. Small, regular meals help maintain stable blood sugar levels, which provides a constant supply of glucose to the brain – essential for concentration and problem solving when children are preparing for exams. Recognising the importance of nutrition for optimum brain function, Woolworths will be hosting dietitian-led Mom’s Store Tours to give parents the opportunity to learn more about healthy meal options for learners during exam time. “A healthy breakfast and smart snacking can enhance a learner’s concentration and we can assist parents with advice and support them in their efforts to provide their kids with optimum nutrition,” says Pieter Twine, Woolworths Educational Programme Manager.“Mom’s Store Tours are a great platform to not only encourage parents to learn more about a healthy lifestyle but also provide insight into running a household with a more health conscious approach and cementing the importance of adapting to healthy eating options.” The Brain Food for Exams Mom’s Store Tour focuses on creative ways to feed learners during a time when their brains are working overtime, highlighting the importance of having a healthy breakfast and small, regular meals throughout the day. Woolworths Dietitian, Maryke Van Zyl says, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; a nutritious early morning meal is the first step to ensure that children get the nutrients they need to do their best at school. Learners who eat breakfast concentrate better, solve problems more easily and have better muscle coordination. After eight to twelve hours of sleep without a meal or snack, your body needs fuel. Research has shown that breakfast skippers often feel tired, irritable or restless in the morning. Breakfast eaters on the other hand have more energy by late morning.” The Brain Food for Exams Mom’s Store Tours will take place in Gauteng (Woolworths Sandton City, 24 May) and Durban (Lu Lucia Mall, 24 May) and Cape Town (Woolworths Cavendish Square, 31 May) and will specifically focus on nutritional advice for parents of school-going children. The Mom’s Store Tours are part of Woolworths Educational Programme for primary schools, which has been helping teachers and parents teach Grade 4 learners in some 1600 schools about nutrition, healthy living and caring for the environment for over eight years, and is part of Woolworths Good Business Journey. Tours are open to customers, parents of learners from participating schools, as well as the general public. Dietitians will take small groups of parents around the store and provide valuable information about good food choices for school lunchboxes and the importance of balanced meals and healthy snacks for learners. For more information or to book your place on a Woolworths Mom’s Store Tour near you, contact amandamhluzi@woolworths.co.za.