In the heat of summer and with World Water Day and South Africa’s National Water Week celebrated this month, the Woolworths’ Education programme is rolling out a ‘Water Conservation’ interactive learner lessons to Grade 5s across the country.

Recently it was Pendla Primary School’s Grade 5 learners turn as they were taught the importance of water for all life, the scarcity of fresh water in South Africa and threats to our fresh water, especially plastic pollution; learners were also challenged to identifying the ways that they can help save water at home, at school and in their communities.

After the lessons, the Woolworths Educational Programme educator resource and related worksheets are provided to the teachers so that they can continue to reinforce the importance of water conservation learning in their classrooms. All resource material and lesson content is curriculum-aligned and endorsed by the Western Cape Education Department.

Over the past 14 years, the Woolworths Educational Programme has presented over 13 000 water lessons reaching more than 4.3 million learners and over 10 000 teachers in 377 Primary schools across the country.


Pendla Primary Grade 5 learners. From right to left: Silindokuhle Zingela, Obuhle Tshokwana and Usisipho Mbobo with Woolworths Education Programme representative Jennifer Distin (left) and Grade 5 Life Skills educator Ms Dolonga (right).