Over the past four years, Woolworths has made contributions in excess of R48 million on behalf of its customers to schools throughout South Africa through MySchool. Now the South African retailer has announced that the reach of this successful programme has now been widened to include selected charities and environmental organisations with the launch of MyVillage and MyPlanet. Says Pieter Twine, who heads the MySchool project for Woolworths, “The contributions made by Woolworths thanks to our customers over the past four years have made an enormous difference to schools around South Africa. Now, with their help, we’re planning to make an even bigger difference – not just to education, but to the world around us – through the expansion of this incredibly successful initiative.” MyVillage will focus on selected charities – including the Amy Biehl Foundation, the South African National Council for the Blind, and I Care – while MyPlanet will support a number of environmental organisations, such as The Wildlife Foundation, the National Horse Trust and the SPCA. More charities and organisations are being added to the list of beneficiaries which MyVillage and MyPlanet supporters can choose from. Explains Twine, “The launch of the two new programmes is in line with Woolworths’ Good business journey, announced earlier this year by our CEO Simon Susman, and further underscores our commitment to driving social development, tackling environmental issues and helping animals in need. It also allows community-minded customers, customers without children and customers whose children have finished school to help us make a difference.” Customers who are not yet MySchool supporters can start supporting the cause of their choice simply by joining MySchool or by applying for a Woolworths Difference Card, which also gives them access to other exciting benefits as part of Woolworths ‘world of difference’ loyalty programme. The Woolworths Difference card is free and everyone qualifies. Customers who are already MySchool supporters can add one or more MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiaries to their existing profile by phoning MySchool on 0860 10 04 45. As long as your card is linked to the programme, says Twine, “Every time you swipe your card at Woolworths – whether it’s a Woolworths store card, Visa card, Difference card or blue MySchool card – Woolworths will donate up to 1 percent of the value of your purchase to the charity of your choice.” Twine adds, “MySchool supporters who have a blue “MySchool” card can also use their card at other MySchool partner retailers in order to maximise the contributions made on their behalf.” ENDS ________________________________________________________________ Issued on behalf of: Woolworths Issued by: liquidlingo Communications Contact: Jackie Busch / Ayesha Abrahams +27 21 424 1530 jackie@liquidlingo.co.za ayesha@liquidlingo.co.za CAPSULE PROFILES OF SOME “MYVILLAGE/MYPLANET” BENEFICIARIES: THE AMY BIEHL FOUNDATION Established in 1997, the Amy Biehl Foundation emphasises social, cultural and economic empowerment through a vast number of programmes including sport, greening, music, art, literacy, after-school and learning-support, all designed to keep youth off the street and help provide them with a brighter future. SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR THE BLIND (SANCB) An NGO which strives to meet the needs of all blind and partially sighted people in South Africa. Now in its 75th year, SANCB’s services include rehabilitation, education and training, providing equipment and programmes aimed at promoting the prevention of blindness and the restoration of sight. I CARE Devoted to finding meaningful and sustainable solutions to the challenge of street children in South Africa, I Care helps finance initiatives that reflect its mission and provides a channel through which public donations, both local and international, can be placed with such charitable institutions. NATIONAL HORSE TRUST This organisation strives to minimise the neglect and deterioration of thoroughbred horses after the end of their racing careers. Units of the National Horse Trust inspect stabling facilities, deal with welfare complaints, educate the public and provide assistance to the public.