At Woolworths, we’re committed to helping you live a lifestyle that’s as good for the planet as it is for you and your family. If you’re concerned about the products you use around the house and for your family every day, you’ll be happy to know that our Earth Friendly range of household cleaning, personal care and baby toiletry products are back – and even better.


Green household products

The household cleaning range is made with biodegradable cleaning ingredients and contain essential oils that are all sourced from nature. They contain no artificial colours and, in line with our sustainability principles, contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

When it comes to washing your dishes, the Earth Friendly Washing Up Liquid now comes in an easy-squeeze 750 ml bottle, bigger than the original 500 ml. We’ve also added two new scents, grapefruit and pear, both derived from natural essential oils. For your dishwasher, our Auto Dish Pods, a South African first, are pre-measured powder pods wrapped in water-soluble cellulose, an innovation for added convenience that leaves you with sparkling clean dishes. One of two beautiful fragrances await you when you open the dishwasher, thyme & fig or red pear & magnolia.

For your laundry needs, we have Laundry Liquid, Laundry Pods and Bleach Pods. The lemongrass-scented Laundry Liquid and lavender & chamomile Baby Laundry Liquid are back, along with conveniently pre-measured Laundry Pods in two new scents, lavender & vanilla and gardenia. Our Bleach Pods are fragrance free and can be used to brighten your whites, as a pre-soak before washing or as an all-purpose stain remover when dissolved in water.

Some of the cleaning products which were previously imported are now produced by local suppliers with upgraded formulas. Among these are the popular Earth Friendly Multipurpose Cleaner now with the delightful scent of apple & honeybush extract, the Oven Cleaner, which is made with lemongrass & honeybush extract, and lemongrass & honeybush extract scented Carpet Stain Remover.

The Bathroom Cleaner and Cream Cleaner are also now locally produced and feature a fresh, clean peppermint & tea tree extract scent, while the original Toilet Cleaner with cedar oil and olive & orange oil Furniture Polish return.

You can also refresh your home with our environmentally friendly Airy Fresh air freshener made with the essential oils of parsley and lavender.


Beauty Without Cruelty

The Earth Friendly range also includes a range of toiletries for the whole family, now with a fresh new look. Each product is made with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients and contains no artificial colours. The entire range has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin. Like all Woolworths beauty and skin care products, the Earth Friendly toiletries are not tested on animals and are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.

In addition to the Foaming Facewash for sensitive skin, containing inca inchi & papaya extract, we also offer Cleansing Face Gel for normal skin, made with extracts of red fruits. To complete your earth friendly beauty regime, the range includes Facial Toner and Facial Moisturiser.

For hands and body, we have Hand Wash and Hand Cream, Body Butter and Body Wash. Our Body Wash comes in two luxurious fragrances, pomegranate & papaya and inca inchi & avocado. Our Tissue Oil contains inca inchi, sweet almond and soybean oils, all sourced from nature.


For the little ones

Our improved Earth Friendly baby toiletry range includes specially formulated products for your little one’s delicate skin, made with biodegradable, naturally derived ingredients. The range includes Baby Barrier Cream with nourishing vitamin E panthenol & zinc oxide, gently cleansing Baby Bath Wash, Baby Lotion with soothing sweet almond oil & vitamin E and Baby Calming Oil with lavender & chamomile.

The new Earth Friendly range is now available at your favourite Woolies store.