The Woolworths Essentials range makes it easier – and more affordable – to do your whole shopping in one convenient place. Woolworths Essentials includes core basic products across all food departments as well as household cleaning products and toiletries. In a nutshell, they’re the things we use every day: from bread and milk to laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid. And while Essentials doesn’t include top-of-the-range luxuries, Woolworths has not compromised on quality. South Africans have always relied on Woolworths for excellent quality. With tighter budgets, customers are looking for even better value – and with Essentials, they are able to enjoy the superior quality they expect from Woolworths at prices that are comparable – and even lower than – competitive products in the marketplace. Customers will pleased to know that the same Good Food principles that apply to other Woolworths ranges also apply to the Essentials range. For example, there’s no added MSG, all the milk is rBST free, there are no added preservatives in the yoghurts, and no animal by-products in the chicken feed. The range includes existing products that have been repackaged; but more than half – particularly in the household cleaning and toiletries areas – are new additions. Essentials includes some larger pack sizes as well as convenient multi-packs. In produce, where Woolworths has traditionally offered uniform sizes of fruit or vegetables, there will be packs of mixed sizes which will offer savings. The products, in distinctive packaging featuring Woolworths new branding, have been available in Woolworths stores since mid-March this year and by the end of 2010, there will be 200 ‘Essentials’ lines in total.