Woolworths is the first major retailer in South Africa to extend its loyalty offer to its customers in foodstop forecourts. The strategy to extend WRewards to Foodstops at Engen has evolved to meet the expectations of Woolworths customers.

“Our customers are time-stretched and on the move. Not only do they expect to be able to shop at Woolworths Foodstops while filling up their cars or after normal trading hours, they also expect the same instant WRewards savings which are available at other Woolworths stores,” said Paula Disberry, Woolworths Group Director, Retail Operations.

Customers on the WRewards programme typically spend 16% more and have bought 19% more units in Engen stores.

“WRewards is a core part of our business strategy. It helps us learn more about how, when, where and what our customers buy. In turn, this customer insight informs our business decisions such as product and store design, as well as allowing us to create tailored communications relevant to each individual customer,” continues Disberry.

“Engen’s promise is to make the customer number one. By extending the WRewards programme to our customers, we are able to further deliver on this promise and in so doing delight our customers, ultimately enhancing their shopping experience,” said Gavin Smith, Group Communications Manager at Engen.

WRewards is Woolworths tiered card-based loyalty programme based on customer spend and translates into an instant savings of up to 30% on hundreds of products. There are currently over three million active WRewards members who have saved over half a billion rands, over the past two years.