From all the ingredients you need to prepare a genuine Thai curry to real imported Grana Padano cheese to grate over your pasta or an Indian feast you can heat and serve in minutes, you’ll find it all in one convenient place: your nearby Woolworths food market. From Tuscany to Thailand, Goa to Hong Kong, they’ve travelled the world in search of the finest ingredients, authentic recipes and traditional cooking methods so that, whether you’re cooking from scratch or tucking into ready–to-heat dishes, you can enjoy the real tastes of Italy, India and Asia at home. When it comes to Italian food, Woolworths offers not only a wide range of authentic Italian dishes prepared according to real Italian recipes and using tried-and-tested cooking methods, but an impressive range of authentic ingredients like tomatoes, olive oils, cheeses and pastas imported from Italy. Their imported organic hand-made pastas are an absolute must for pasta lovers, as the textured surface allows it to hold and absorb sauces better. If Asian food is your passion, you’re sure to love Woolworths delicious range of ready-prepared Asian meals. As you’d expect, they’re made with authentic ingredients – like fish sauce made from anchovies caught off the port of Sattahip, Thailand, real Chinese hoisin sauce, or tom yum paste to ensure they’re full of authentic flavour. You’ll also be pleased to know that not only are all their prepared meals free of added MSG, but so is their soya sauce. Of course if you’d rather do it yourself, Woolworths is also happy to oblige with a wide range of specially selected Asian ingredients from mussaman curry paste to pad thai noodles, as well as everything you need to prepare your own authentic sushi at home. And if you thought you’d have to spend hours cooking in order to enjoy a traditional Indian meal, you’ll be pleasantly surprised: Woolworths offers a range of ready-to-heat Indian foods which were developed with the aid of a chef from Delhi so they not only taste like the real thing, they are the real thing. They’re made with freshly roasted and ground spices which are ‘layered’ throughout the cooking process in traditional Indian style. You don’t have to enjoy them on your own, either – in addition to quick meals for one, there are also ready-to-heat main dishes, side dishes, naan breads and rotis which you can combine to serve a complete Indian feast in minutes. With the launch of their new Indian spice kits, Woolies has even made starting from scratch simpler. Just follow the simple directions to create a deliciously authentic seafood curry, lamb biryani or pilau rice. The new additions to Woolworths extensive global range will be available in selected Woolworths stores from 12 May. ENDS