Woolworths has launched a range of yoghurts made with traditional African botanicals including baobab, buchu and rooibos. Each of the botanicals has been paired with favourite South African fruits including naartjie and peach. The introduction of the new range represents another delicious step on Woolworths Good Food Journey. The African Extracts range is made from Woolworths exclusive low fat Ayrshire milk, which is free of the synthetic hormone rBST (generally given to dairy cows to increase milk production). In line with the rest of Woolworths yoghurt range our African Extracts yoghurts have no added preservatives. Woolworths has also added HOWARU™ probiotic cultures which are clinically proven to stimulate the immune system and aid lactose digestion when eaten regularly. In keeping with Woolworths Good business journey goals (and like other Woolworths yoghurts) they’re packed in recyclable containers and the buchu & baobab extracts have been sustainably sourced.. The fruit flavours have been carefully selected to complement to subtle flavours of the African extracts:  The mild-flavoured fruit of the baobab tree, known in Africa as the ‘upside down tree’, has long been used to make a refreshing drink. The subtle flavour of baobab is complemented by either prickly pear or naartjie.  Buchu, a small, highly aromatic shrub that thrives on the cool mountain slopes of the Western Cape, has been used for centuries by the Khoi people as a herbal remedy. Its unique flavour is complemented by granadilla or blackcurrant.  Most South Africans are familiar with the refreshing taste of rooibos, which is naturally caffeine free and low in tannins. Orange, fynbos honey and peach provide ideal complements for the distinctive flavour of rooibos. The range of creamy, delicious yoghurts includes the following:  150 g tubs: Low Fat Ayrshire Naartjie with Baobab; Low Fat Ayrshire Granadilla with Buchu; Low Fat Ayrshire Peach with Rooibos & a hint of ginger;  1 kg tub: Low Fat Ayrshire Rooibos  300 ml drinking yoghurts: Low Fat Ayrshire Orange with Rooibos; Low Fat Ayrshire Naartjie with Baobab; Low Fat Ayrshire Blackcurrant with Buchu  Convenient packs of 6 x 100 ml tubs are available in an ‘all rooibos” combination of Rooibos, Rooibos & Fynbos Honey, and Peach with Rooibos & a hint of ginger, as well as a mixed pack containing Orange with Rooibos, Prickly Pear with Baobab, and Granadilla with Buchu. The new African Extracts Ayrshire yoghurt range is available at most Woolworths foodmarkets nationwide. ENDS _______________________________________________________________ NOTES FOR THE EDITOR What is rBST? rBST (recombinant Bovine Somatotropin) is an artificial hormone which is generally given to cows to make them produce more milk. Though there is no scientific evidence that rBST has any harmful effects, we understand that customers do not want it, so our dairy products are rBST free. What is HOWARU™? HOWARU™ is the name of the probiotic cultures we add to our yoghurts. When ingested on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet, probiotics should improve the microbial balance in the human intestines and the functioning of the digestive tract. By inhibiting the growth of harmful (pathogenic) micro-organisms, assisting in the digestion of lactose, normalising bowel movement and stimulating the functions of the human immune system, they, significantly improve general health. What is the Good Food Journey? The Good Food Journey is the name we’ve given to our ongoing quest to offer South Africa food that’s better for our customers and better for the environment. It encompasses everything from removing additives like aspartame, tartrazine (and other azo dyes) and MSG from our foods and offering more organic and free range choices to promoting healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. What is the Good business journey? Woolworths Good business journey is an acceleration of Woolworths’ ongoing commitment to managing the business’s impact as it continues to grow and meet the increasing needs of South African consumers. The Good business journey includes a 5-year plan to 2012 for development in four key areas:  Accelerating transformation  Driving social development  Protecting the environment  Addressing climate change