To align with Woolworths’ vision of achieving ZERO packaging waste to landfill and its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, the retailer has made a significant investment in eco mannequins.  These eco mannequins have been deployed in the newly launched WEdit stores and a selection of eco ‘plus size’ mannequins have been introduced into 80 selected Woolworths stores across South Africa.   

“Eco mannequins, also known as sustainable mannequins, are a recent innovation in the retail industry that is gaining popularity internationally among environmentally conscious consumers and retailers alike.  We are delighted to be the first large retailer in South Africa to make such a significant investment in them and going forward we will continue to add more into our stores,” says Tracey Lotter, Woolworths Head of Visual Merchandising.

“Our eco-mannequins are made from used coffee bean sacks that are recycled and mixed with a plant-based resin to bind the fibres, water-based paints are also used ensuring that they are 100% biodegradable and recyclable, as well as safer to make.  They also weigh less than the traditional fibreglass mannequins making them easier to handle as well as reducing their carbon footprint,” confirms Lotter.

Eco mannequins are also aesthetically pleasing and an innovative solution to the environmental challenges faced by the retail industry.  By promoting sustainability and reducing waste, they are helping to create a more sustainable future for both retailers and consumers.